Ian's Journal Entry 3

And now our journey has purpose. I am sure that some of the Academy knew where this was heading…

We have traveled to the Oracle of Meridimmus and been instructed that we must gather six items, and no doubt, travel the known and unknown world to succeed in doing so. I’m going to have such trouble putting into words this next letter to Mother. She has already lost Father to the whims of the Academy and the Explorer’s Society…

I have spent some of our sea voyage conversing with Kumori. He is indeed a fascinating fellow, and I am honored that he has set aside time to tutor me in Kaidanese. Indeed, the completion of our epic quest – should we prove to have enough mettle to do so – restore this beautiful isle to our plane of existence. I feel fortunate to be traveling with him, and feel as if we have all been carefully selected by various means to aid him in reclaiming his homeland.

I could dally on about the nuances of the past days’ sea voyage and such, but I feel that I would be neglecting my preparation work. It is important that I get these spells copied into spellbooks, because one is simply never enough when on the road. Who knows, my transcription skills may afford me to make a little money while on the road, as well.

This journal entry shall be far less interesting than those of my companions, I’m sure. Still, I cannot help but think that I am being pushed toward finding out where my Father has been for the last 20 years. This is probably wishful thinking, however. Perhaps I should sit down with Iz’alma, as she seems to be knowledgeable of divination matters. She seems a little aloof and apart from the rest of the group – maybe I can also receive some insight on how to bridge this gap between her and the rest.

Well, back to work.

Until time next,

Ian Bradwarden

Ian’s Journal

Ian's Journal Entry 3

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