Ignatius' Journal Entry 1

Dear Armarius Rafael,

What a hectic journey this has been so far. Upon leaving Toledo, we journeyed to Ebron. Ebron, as you know holds an annex extension of the Universidad de Toledo, unfortunately I found none there who follow Tinel. However, speaking to a Caballero (knight) of the town, I was able to find out that they recalled seeing and helping the group I follow. They were headed east on La Carretera del Rey. This Wise Brother told me that Dorak, their dwarf, and his crew were heading for Alhambra, and points beyond.

The next stop on our journey took us to Alcazar de Devi. When we questioned the guardsmen at the gate, the only dwarf seen coming through this rugged village was shaven-headed and barefoot. They did remember three women passing through, a day or so later. One was exotic and foreign, one was scary-looking in a spooky, haunted way, and the other was a small girl who kept to herself and didn’t talk at all. If the party had indeed passed this way, they were either disguised or had split up for some unknown reason. There was no recollection of the foreign warrior. There may have been a tattooed elf, but the guard could not say for certain.

In the village of Gran Rio we were informed that group of meddling adventurers had passed through the town weeks ago. They were insulting and disruptive (do I really want to become involved with these individuals), though they mentioned they did help the town rid themselves of a band of Goblins who were conducting night raids on the town from across the river. The goblins had killed the sheriff, Sir Gapala (who has since been raised and elevated to a position on the Elder Council). The adventurers were banished from the town for making false accusations against Sir Gapala. Also, a week later, two members of the Elder Council, a husband and wife (the gossip said the man was the former dock master), were taken by the Vizcondesa’s men under arrest. It was said the Vizcondesa had them taken away in irons, headed for her small alcazar in the hills. The rumors flying around are that they were to be executed for treason, but that is a sentence only the governor (or the king) has authority to pass. Another rumor indicated the couple were given a reprieve from execution, but were instead banished from the kingdom. Furthermore, a rumormonger seemed to imply that the Zambrano’s may seek revenge upon the party, who may have been responsible for their political downfall.

My last stop prior to arriving in Alhambra was at Villa Vicosa. While staying at the lonely and decrepit inn in the town, the old innkeeper told me a horrible tale about El Alguadil (sheriff), Leandro Agular. The poor man’s son, Ulises, disappeared about a week or so ago, I later found he had joined the adventurers, but unfortunately met the maker before I came to meet them. His father, El Alguadil Señor Leandro arranged a search for him. The town had just overcome a terrible problem with some humanoid bandits, which were dispatched (thank the gods) by a traveling band of adventurers who fit the description of the party I follow. While out searching for Ulises (whose disappearance coincided with the party’s departure – but nobody seemed to connect these incidents), Leandro and his men (an aged shopkeeper and a boy of 14, grandson to the old assayer) were beset upon by a terrible quadrupedal beast, resembling a great scaled hound. It was on La Carretera del Rey, east of town, and the beast took them while in their camp. The only survivor was lil’ Pedro, the boy, who reported seeing El Alguadil arguing with Señor Rudolfo (the shopkeeper) about the beast being perfectly safe. The sheriff was adamant that the beast could be trusted, even going so far as to remove his tarnished breastplate, to prove the point. The beast subsequently disproved the sheriff by ripping the heart from his chest. That is when the boy ran. Rudolfo, the other man sent with the sheriff, has not been seen since. There are no warriors left in the town to deal with this predator, and thankfully the beast has not come calling into the town.

Yesterday evening, the Second Sorrow, myself, the Mage Guards and rest of the party reached Alhambra. Upon questioning some townsfolk we found ourselves at the Temple of Great Sanctimony, who could not even be troubled to stable our horses, and looked slightly upset that we in fact rode them there. At the Temple I found myself face to face with a group of travelers resembling those I had set off to find. Questioning the Dwarf, I quickly found that he was quite paranoid that I knew his name. However, Smriti, a monk from far off lands stepped in to prevent Dorak from possibly taking his dagger to my throat.

At that time I enjoyed the services including the feast, then retired to the Silver Swan Inn.

This morning we awoke, journeyed to the Adventurer’s Society where we rid the world of two accursed items. One of which was a dagger, which I removed from a Handy Haversack and placed into the Purple Bag of Nullification. This dagger indeed felt wrong, but that process was uneventful. However, additionally, there was a mask contained within, that we also sought to destroy. This proved more challenging. Upon removing the mask, and resisting it’s pull, it came to life, escaped my grasp and turned invisible. However, what I saw next was amazing. Smriti leaped into the air, grasping at what appeared to be thin air, and came down with what I was told was the mask, though I could still not see it. Working with Smriti I helped her to then place the Mask in the Purple Bag of Nullification. Upon doing so, another member of our party, they call her Chrysos, stated that she saw an evil spirit leave the mask. It appears we must all thank Tinel that we were able to walk out of that room with all of our gifts.

We now await someone and are to supposed to then see the High King of the Free Kingdoms I am told. This is indeed looking to be quite the adventure. I ask only the Tinel guide me and provide the knowledge I need.

Neophyte Ignatius

Tinel seal
Ignatius’ Journal

Ignatius' Journal Entry 1

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