Ignatius' Journal Entry 2

Dear Amarius Rafael,

What a journey the past few days have brought about. Shortly after I finished my last letter to you, we were brought to a Mage Tower, where we went through a portal to The Eastern Kingdoms. While I am sure you have experienced this type of magic many times, I never before had. Fortunately, my constitution was strong enough that I did not suffer any more than I would from standing up to fast.

In the Eastern Kingdoms, our party was allowed to stay in a portion of the castle. Although it clearly had not been used recently, it was still magnificent. The food was decedent, the wine sweet and the attention paid to us like nothing I had experienced. In fact, being bathed by servants was an entirely new experience for me.

After resting for the evening we were called into audience with the High King. What an honor this was. The Kaidanese warrior, Kumori, spoke with his Majesty about our quest, and we were given assistance to aid us in our journey. I wish I could speak more of the time I was there, but I must admit I was in such shock of meeting the High King I don’t know what further to say about that time.

The evening after was also eventful. In fact, I performed the ritual to return ones soul to our plane. I saw that there was a spirit attached to Kumori, and freed it. Unfortunately, the spirit immediately went to the closest shrine, and it was not until the next morning that I was able to in fact return them to the material plane. There were four spirits there, three of them, including the Sheriff’s boy, were very glad to be back. However, one woman had thrown away one of her gifts and informed me she planned to continue to do so until she would never again come back. I tried to talk some sense into her, but sadly, she would not hear me.


Ignatius De’Kempo

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Ignatius’ Journal

Ignatius' Journal Entry 2

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