Ignatius' Journal Entry 4

Normally I take my downtime to write letters to Rafael, who has shown me the way of Tinel. However, I feel that I must share my thanks I give directly to Tinel.

I walk the road of light and shadow,
I see the tide ebb and flow,
I smell the sea and feel the mist.
I feel joyous and desolate,
I know everything and nothing,
I am open to all things:
My eye is open to all things.

Tinel I thank you for your great assistance in my latest trials. I called upon your awesome power and you provided in my time of need, driving that foul creature away, sending him to his watery grave I can only hope. Without your great assistance I fear that Iz’alma may have been taken away from us, and I feel she may prove to offer me knowledge I have not before known. Additionally, I thank you for any assistance you may have had with replacing the savage Coatl with Ian Bradwarden. While Coatl may have practiced a unique form of magic, and with it provided interesting information, his methods were far to unstable. This new addition, Ian, appears to be quite the scholarly type as well. I feel that him and I may indeed be able to offer one another increased knowledge. It is because of this, that I feel you must have had some hand in these events, since the my opportunity for increasing my knowledge is so great and should help me in breaking the riddle of my life so that one day I may aid you in the final test before the Lord of Secrets.

Your humble Inceptor,

Ignatius De’Kempo

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Ignatius’ Journal

Ignatius' Journal Entry 4

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