Ignatius' Journal Entry 5

Dear Amarius Rafael,

I am pleased to report we have set sail away from Venchenzia, hopefully leaving any enemies we may have made behind. The excitement persisted until the morning we left, with our party being attacked by this creature from beneath the docks, which used tendrils made of kelp to drag a few of my companions into the water, and to what may have been their murky grave had we not acted swiftly to save them. Thankfully, Tinel granted me the wisdom to call forth his awesome power to vanquish the abomination.

We have recently found our way to Athenopolis, the capital of Io, and while we have not left the ships the sights are magnificent. There is an incredible statue built, to serve as a beacon of light, representative of the one they call Hephaestus. Even though I know that Tinel and his family represent the only true gods, I must say that I am still inspired by awe by casting my eyes upon such dedication to any form. Additionally, seeing the ruins of the Great Span with my own eyes was amazing. The readings and drawing I have seen on it do not begging to provide justice to it’s magnificence. The people of Io have definitely built wondrous creations in their history.

I hope that the rest of our sea bound journey remains as uneventful as it has already been. The rest has been very much needed, and has allowed me time to delve into my writings.


Ignatius De’Kempo

Tinel seal

Ignatius’ Journal

Ignatius' Journal Entry 5

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