Ignatius' Journal Entry 6

Dear Amarius Rafael,

I am very pleased to report that the remainder of our journey by sea to Icus was very uneventful. After Smriti pointed at that we may possibly not make it to Icus in time for Chrysos’ needs we quickly found our way to Icus, with the captain understanding our mission was his primary concern.

Once we reached Icus, we journeyed to the local temple of healing, and fortunately came across a sacrificial lamb for the Oracle that seemed very smitten with Dorak. I expected we would face a considerable challenge upon visiting the Oracle, but instead it appears we truly had Tinel’s blessing, as everything went smoothly.

I am so grateful to know that Tinel looks upon our mission and supports us as he sees fit. I know that it is rare for him to take interest in such mortal matters. However, it must be the great loss of knowledge associated to the loss of the Kaidanese people that causes him to concern himself with our mission.


Ignatius De’Kempo

Tinel seal

Ignatius’ Journal

Ignatius' Journal Entry 6

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