Ignatius' Journal Entry 7

I find myself enveloped in purple smoke,
I see the smoke carry me away.
I arrive in a magnificent palace,
I see others, but do they see me?
I feel inquisitive and fearful,
I know everything and nothing,
I am open to all things:
My eye is open to all things.

Tinel, what have you done to me? This new challenge is unexpected. I have been carried away to this palace away from my companions, I am unsure of what I have done to deserve this. This is perhaps the “curse of the lamp” that my companions spoke of. I can only hope that my time spent in this Impossible Palace, as Sonoda Kumori calls it, is short. However, it is my duty to learn what knowledge this place has to offer, and meditate on that which I have already learned. Perhaps you have had some hand in this event, I will do what I can while I am here to break the riddle of my life so that one day I may aid you in the final test before the Lord of Secrets.

Your humble Inceptor,

Ignatius De’Kempo

Tinel seal

Ignatius’ Journal

Ignatius' Journal Entry 7

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