Most people in the world worship at least one of the gods, or belong to The Great Church. Most people in the world are good aligned. Worshippers are so by their own choice. Declaring oneself a worshipper of a god carries no requirements or responsibilities in itself. The consequences of choosing one particular god over another has only social ramification, depending on how outwardly or aggressively the character chooses to pursue their faith.

Far fewer are the numbers of Initiates, Clerics or Priests – those followers who actually actively seek to promote the goals of their god. These true faithful have pledged to devote their life to fulfilling the tenets of their god. In return, the gods grant their devoted Initiates divine power, and social standing within the church and society.

Each church has its own unique structure, depending on its dogma and development. Each has its own holy orders, rituals, customs and titles by which the Initiates are called. Holy orders include the clergy, the roles of clerics and priests (some orders do not have both), the various holy warrior sects, and the upper echelons and truly devout in the church (usually represented by prestige classes).

Becoming an initiate of a god requires true dedication. You must prove your devotion to the god and your understanding of and commitment to the god’s tenets. You must prove this to the satisfaction of both your chosen deity as well as the representatives of the church where you wish to become initiated. When the church’s representatives have accepted you as a potential new initiate, a hight priest must cast the ritual of initiation upon you. You may be required to provide the necessary korba or perform some quest before this ritual will be performed. When the ritual is completed, in that instant, the god personally will judge you and choose whether to accept you as an initiate. A member of any class can become initiated, although some churches may have other special requirements.

Becoming an initiate carries responsibilities and provides benefits within the church. These are usually specific to the individual church, but usually include being called on by the church to represent and defend its interests. The initiated benefit from the protection and guidance of their church in return.




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