Ionian Weapons and Armor



-Makhaira: A large knife with a backwards curve. Equivalent to a Kukri. 4gp.

-Xiphos: A double-edged leaf-shaped bronze sword, around 50-60cm in length, typically used as a secondary weapon by Hoplites, Peltasts and Cavalry. Equivalent to a Short sword, but 1d8 damage.

-Kopis: This forward-curved blade, about 3 feet in length is normally using for cutting meat or for animal sacrifice, but is also occasionally used in war. Equivalent to a Scimitar.

-Xyston: A long thrusting lance, about 11-14 feet, with a wooden shaft, a metallic head and, generally, a tapered butt. Equivalent to a Lance.

-Dory: The most commonly used Hoplite weapon. It’s 6-10 feet in length, with an iron head. It is equivalent to a Longspear, except it is a one-handed weapon, doing 1d10 damage. It has a bronze spike at the butt that may be used in melee range. It does 1d4 damage, and normally has a -2 to attack rolls (see Wall of Spears).

-Sarissa: Introduced by Phillip II of Macedon, this 13-21 foot pike replaced the Dory for his hoplites. Like a Longspear, but 15-foot reach, and 1d10 damage. It has a spike at the butt that may be used in melee range. It does 1d4 damage, and normally has a -2 to attack rolls (see Wall of Spears).

-Slings do 1d6 damage instead of 1d4.


-All bows and composite bows.


-Peltast Armor: Little more than a metal helmet and perhaps leather greaves, this allows Peltasts to move with great mobility. Equivalent to Leather Armor.

-Linothorax: This upper body armor, typically made of layered linen or leather with, occasionally, bronze scales, was used among Hoplites who couldn’t afford the full bronze armor. Equivalent to studded leather armor. 15gp.

-Cuirass: A bronze, muscles breastplate that’s a staple of Greek armor. Typically accompanied by a large helm. Equivalent to Breastplate, but 100gp.

-Full Hoplite armor: This includes a heavy bronze cuirass and plated skirt, large bronze greaves, and a lavish helm. The typical armor of a hoplite. Equivalent to Full Plate, but 200 gp.

-Pelta: A large, rimless wicker shield covered in sheep or goat skin. Equivalent to a Light Wooden Shield.

-Aspis: A large, round wooden or bronze shield, sometimes decorated. The quintessential tool of a Hoplite. Equivalent to a Heavy Shield, but grants a +2 to AC to adjacent allies who also have a shield when you fight defensively. This bonus can only be gained from up to two allies at a time. Any event that would cause you to lose your shield’s AC bonus also denies you any extra bonus from your allies, and any bonus from your Aspis to them. Sometimes they have 30cm or so cloth curtain hanging off the bottom. This adds +1 to AC against projectiles, but adds 2 to the armor check penalty.

Other weapons and armors that will be around, though not in common military use: Sickle, Club, Shortspear, Quarterstaff, Spear, Dart, Throwing Axe, Light Hammer, Handaxe, Light Pick, Sap, Trident, Greatclub, Longsword, Scythe, Whip, Net, Padded Armor, Hide Armor, Buckler.
Any other weapons and armor are extremely hard to find, or must be custom made. They might be more common in other lands.





Ionian Weapons and Armor

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