Iz'alma's Card Reading - Lydia Trevor

Iz’Alma does a card reading at Dorak’s request regarding the missing Lydia Trevor. These are the results of her readings:

READING ONE: Missing persons reading.

Tarot lydia 1


The card at the center to stands for the missing person: The Chariot

Lydia has been known to show a deep vengeance for those who destroyed her family and her life. The Chariot reflects this deep-rooted turmoil, as well as the adversity she has faced since her world was upturned. The Chariot also represents a journey, sometimes physical, but more often an emotional journey filled with adversity.

1 is Scorpio—where are they at emotionally, psychologically? Strength

Wherever Lydia is, she is handling her situation with courage and patience. This is not to say she is in no danger, but merely that she has what it takes to survive these trials.

2 is Leo—who is with them? Knight of Swords

This person, likely a man, is a strong, emotionless man, likely a swordsman. He is fearless, a man who never doubts himself. He is a dangerous man, but not necessarily cruel. This card also represents a loss of control, like a rage. It is possible through Lydia’s sense of revenge she came to this man, either of her own will or through fate, because he represents a way to achieve her goals.

3 is Taurus—what is their physical location? Ten of Swords

Another card in the House of Swords may represent a place where swords (or violence) are fostered, kept or used. It also represents pain, defeat, and sudden misfortune. It seems that wherever she is, if she came here of her own accord, this place will not give her the solace she seeks. In fact, because of the ‘overkill’ nature of the Ten of Swords (using ten swords to do the work that only one would have done the job), this card may mean that Lydia is overreaching her goals, and that if she continues to stay in this place, it will likely and swiftly lead to her demise.

4 is Aquarius—where are they planning to go? Do? Empress – REVERSED

This card reversed shows, despite the rest of the reading, that Lydia’s goals are plagued by anxiety and indecision, which will lead her into inaction. Whether this inaction comes from internal struggles, or whether it is opposed on her by a person or persons is not clear. In any case, whatever her plans are, they are destined to be set aside or delayed.

0 —And then add a 5th card to cross the one at the center. Let that one be “Advise?” or “What steps should be taken?” Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles represents a choice that must be made. It is never an easy choice, and usually means jeopardizing the riding successes for the unknown – a grave risk. What this card seems to be saying is this: If you step in to help Lydia, you risk your current mission.

Overall, it seems that Lydia has taken some sort of journey, and it seems that perhaps she did not initially intend on the path on which she now finds herself. But she has embraced this – fate – and is with someone who can ultimately help her accomplish her goals. Unfortunately, this place is a severe one, and those around her do not hold her interests in the forefront. If she stays here, she is unlikely to see her goals to fruition, and may lose her life to the sword, the very instrument she sees as her – escape. If you continue on your current path and do not help her, she is likely to fail. But doing so will put at risk the chances of succeeding at your own goals.

Wanting a better understanding of Lydia’s situation and what to do about it, Iz’Alma did another, more detailed reading.

READING TWO: Problem Solving Spread.

Tarot lydia 2


1: Nature of the problem: Six of Cups – REVERSED

The Six of Cups clearly refers to the past, but because the card is reversed, instead of looking into the past with fond memories of good times, this card is stating that the past was a disappointment, and will influence the entire spread. Instead of joy, there is sorrow. There is also a reflection on family, and in this instance it seems to say that Lydia is stuck in her past and unable to live in the joy of the moment, or even plan for a productive future.

2: Attitude (can reflect in outer circumstances) in the past: Star – REVERSED

This card clearly represents Lydia’s unfulfilled desires and hopes. Her life has been rife with disappointments and setbacks. The Star is a card of faith, and inverted it would suggest that Lydia’s past was full of the unfaithful, or perhaps her own faith was not as strong as it could have been.

3: Past actions: The Chariot

Again, where The Chariot in the first reading represented Lydia, in this spread it returned as the actions she has taken in the past. It is a card of vengeance, as well as a journey. This journey may be physical, but it is certainly also spiritual. This is a card of force and control, so either outside influences forced her to take action, or she was controlled to do so in some fashion.

(Cards 2 and 3 lead up to the current problem)

4: Current attitude that is preserving the status quo: Five of Cups

This is a card whose meanings are quite simple: sadness, grief, disappointment and regret. Lydia remains where she is because of her lack of faith and her deep grief. This card also reflects upon a loss of a loved one, which makes sense given Lydia’s background and the slaughter of her entire family. Lydia is stuck in her sorrows, unable to truly move past them.

5: Current actions that preserve the status quo: Eight of Pentacles – REVERSED

Although a card of the material, the Eight of Pentacles is the first card of its suit to touch explicitly on the spiritual realm. It usually refers to a time of hard work and dedication on the material realm, in hopes of improving your work and yourself at the same time. Inverted, this card represents the negative aspects of such endeavors. An impassioned drive, obsessing over one’s goals and working one’s self torturously upon a single-minded task. Given the rest of the reading, it seems Lydia is obsessed with training herself so she may wreak vengeance upon her enemies. Because this is a card preserving the status quo, it is likely that Lydia is stuck in “training mode” and fears that she must continue to do so until her skills have been perfected, a time she may never see.

6: Secondary gains from staying in the situation: Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles embodies the principle that hard work and service are rewards unto themselves. This is Lydia’s reward, she is a perfectionist who will become bogged down in the enjoyment of her work, and may lose sight of the goal, or at least she will not be able to know when the work is done and it is time to move on.

7: Further problems/difficulties that this situation causes: The Moon

The Moon is a card of deception and illusion. The Moon draws us like moths to the candle and keeps us enthralled. Lydia’s disillusionment is represented by this card, and it is likely that this situation will eventually put her into grave danger, and even cause her to fall into disgrace, either with herself, or with others. If she continues on her current path, she is destined, knowingly or not, to let her imagination run amok, and focus on wrong or misguided deeds and advices from others.

8: Necessary changes in attitude (aka "Inner Changes”): Nine of Swords – REVERSED

It is one of the many paradoxes of human nature that a bed can both make you secure and release your inner fears to haunt you. Reversed, this card speaks of the healing properties of the bed, or rest. It urges patience and taking the time to clear one’s head. Clearly Lydian needs to adjust her thoughts to healing, rather than taking up the sword, as it were. She needs time to do that.

9: Necessary action ("Outer Changes”): Five of Wands

This is the only Wand card in the spread, and the only ‘energy’ card as well. The Five of Wands shows two types of conflict – outer and inner. It is suggesting that in order for Lydia to conquer her inner battles, she must initiate some sort of outer battle. It may mean she needs to confront a person, challenging them. Or perhaps she needs to finally test her mettle and the skills she has so fervently been honing. Only after completing this action will she be able to move on, and begin the healing that the reversed Nine of Swords suggested.

10: Outside help/resources: Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups refers to cycles completed, journey’s finished. When representing an outside force, it usually reflects upon family or true friends. Perhaps even true love. It may well be that in order for Lydia to find the happiness she so desires, she will need a loving companion or companions to help her complete her journey.

11: Timing card: Four of Cups – REVERSED

This position in the spread reflects the length of time before the outside help might arrive. Being the suit of Cups, this is an indicator that the help would arrive in days, being the rank of four, it is likely that her aid will arrive soon. The card itself, the Four of Cups, influences this further by confirming, as a suited Cups, that happiness accompanies the assistance. This card inverted represents new goals, and new ambitions. Perhaps with the timing of this assistance, a new outlook will promise a brighter future.

12: Outcome: Queen of Swords

If things are to pass as foreseen, Lydia should grow into a regal, yet hardened woman, capable of overcoming any conflict. Her judgement can sometimes be swayed by her heart, so she may show some impetuosity in her actions, and she may never be a good confidante nor a fair judge. Still she has an intuition that wavers on the uncanny, and will listen to both sides of an argument. Those who try to deceive her are in for a big surprise. She knows how to take care of herself, and will not hesitate to prove it.

Overall, this reading seems to clarify a few issues. Lydia is indeed stuck, and it is likely that even though she could possibly free herself from a situation that grows worse with time, that she does not yet have the faith or confidence to move past this current situation. Only with the help of an outsider, who may call her out, or challenge her, will she finally see her past for what it is, a thing that holds her back. It may be that through this external challenge, the proverbial throwing down of the gauntlet, that she will see her worth, and that this other person(s) love for her will guide her to a new quest, and show her true fulfillment.

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Iz'alma's Card Reading - Lydia Trevor

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