JutesJuteThe Jute race are renown horse lords, and are a war-like people who roam The Hordelands making war against other Jute tribes and cities. It is said that they trace their ancestry to Mungese origins. They frequently raid neighboring lands for resources, and their nomadic and barbaric culture keeps them from uniting as a unified army and becoming conquering force.

The vast majority of the Jute Hordes are nomadic, but in the northlands especially, there are many established and permanent camps, some of which have over the millennia, become great cities. These cities are usually exotic and draw many varied foreigners (as they are usually located along the southern route of The Silk Road.

The Jute clans, also known as the Hordes, determine their leadership by strength and rites of war and combat. The city Jutes have a long established system of monarchy, but even the strongest of city princes and princesses rule by right of might, and must vigilantly defend their titles and lands from those who would usurp them.

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