Kamawgyar's Shrine

Harpy shrine
An ancient cutoff trail through the Hamaluna Mountains winds next to a long dried up riverbed. Once an active roadway, now long forgotten, it passes by an abandoned shrine to the deity Irori. Known as Kamawgyar’s Shrine, it was constructed in ancient days when travelers first brought the faith of the Master of Masters along the Silken Way and points West. With the rise of the Boddohist religion in Monbad and Kushar, worship of Irori was sidelined. Once a famous stop on an older route of the Silken Way, Kamawgyar’s Shrine has since fallen into ruin and disrepair.

Rare for the faith of Irori, this ancient shrine was one of the few times that the deity was depicted in sculpture. The monument has a small cave shrine at its base and a series of narrow ledges. A sanctified and consecrated area lies within the small cave. It serves as a beacon for those of the faith of the tree, and believers’s spirits have been known to collect here awaiting the Ceremony of Life.

Until recently, a trio of harpies made the shrine their home, luring unsuspecting travelers to their deaths. Two of the harpies were slain, the third fled for her life. Mother Halima, a scarred and battered creature, occasionally returns to the shrine and mourns her two slain daughters.


Kamawgyar's Shrine

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