Originally named Kisméla bint Farouk, Kismé was the daughter of one of the great athletes ever produced by the race of the div. Her father, now known as Faro, as he was granted his place in the heavens, pleaded with the god Urian to not be separated from his daughter for all of eternity, despite the exalted honor and prestige granted him by the god. Urian, taking pity on Faro, for his rival Alimus, the sun, shines brighter than the moon, placed Kismé in the heavens, where she drags the small moon across the heavens with a silver cord every night. Kismé speeds across the heavens in a low arc, blessing the earth with a silver luminosity. She and her father mourn each other, for they rarely meet in the heavens. But when they do, on the rare occasion of a double full moon, the seas swell, the creatures rejoice, and all of the world is uplifted by the light of father and daughter.

The Celestial Heavens
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