Kumalaya Mountain Range

KumalayasThe great Kumalayas, the highest mountain range in the world, extend along the northern frontiers of the Hordelands and pushing against southern Kushar and eastern Mung Li. They were formed geologically as a result of the collision of the Basal subcontinent with the northern Kushi plate.
This process of plate tectonics is ongoing, and the gradual northward drift of the Basal subcontinent still causes earthquakes. Lesser ranges jut southward from the main body of the Kumalayas at both the eastern and western ends.

The Kumalayan system, about 400 miles in length and varying in width from 80 to 200 miles, is made up of three parallel ranges—the Greater Kumalayas, the Lesser Kumalayas, and the Outer Kumalayas—sometimes collectively called the Great Kumalayan Range.




Kumalaya Mountain Range

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