Languages of the World


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Human Tongues

Language Typical Speakers Alphabet
Aenglish Midlanders Western
Alabic Al’ Baíd, Al’ Faraí, The Funali Alabic
Amazon* Amazons Classical
Ancient*† Varies by
Bagmarish* Bagmari Kushi
Bartu* The Isibongo, Kwene, and Zwahili Ancient
Caspian Caspians Classical
Chuul* Chuulish Ancient
Cymbric Cymbrians Cymbrillic
Common Phthian Humans, Travelers, Merchants Classical
Drusk Drusai Alabic
Edon* The Edo Edon
Espanish Espanish, Portugai Western
Freespeak The common folk of the Free Kingdoms Western
Garmanic Western Kingdoms
(N & S)
Gypsy* Gypsies Ancient
Ionic Ionians Classical
Irontongue Ironmen Western
Juiss Juissic Western
Jute* Jutes Jute (Hybrid)
Latalian East Kingdom Western
Kaidanese* Kaidanese Kaidanese
Kushi* Kushites Kushi
Mali* The Mahali Mali
Mungese* Mung Mungese
Norther Northmen Dwarven
Nubian Nubians* Alabic
Old Empire*† Classical
Phthiani (Imperial) Phthians Classical
Provincial Provincials Western
Rowi* The Rowzi Rowi
Rus* Rassiyans, the Rus, and most Caspians Rus
Tawi* The Ashai Edon
Thulish Thulians Cymbrillic
*Special DM permission required to learn these languages.

† There are many ancient languages, some are archaic forms of existing languages, some are dead languages with their own alphabets and structure. Only by studying examples of such languages, or by studying texts written about them, may such languages be learned.

A special note about the language of orcs and goblins, etc…

These creatures (orcs, goblins, and even ogres), specifically ones who dwell in areas outside their homeland, speak Gobtalk. This is a catch-all language for those creatures who either migrated to the Free Kingdoms during the last age, who are descended from the Ovar-Kin (from On-Vani-Ovar, the goblin nation), or are descended from the Nokol-Orai (the orcish invaders from the southern continent during the War of the Standard). The predominant language of these humanoids was adopted primarily due to the fact that such creatures a) are short-lived, b) are not intelligent enough as a race to retain more than one language, and c) these creatures for the most part, have become isolated from their parent nations and hence have lost such tongues to the melding of cultures.


Demihuman Tongues

Language Typical Speakers Alphabet
Astor Astorani Elven
Azuul* Azurai Elven
Banter Bantami (Halflings), Bunti (Pygmy Halflings) Ancient
Dwarftongue Bitori, Vortoi Dwarven
Gnomish Gnomes Gnomish
Rhyme Rhymeri Elven
Selerish Selerai Elven
Sylvan* Faun, Fey, Sylphi Elven

Non-Human Tongues

Language Typical Speakers Alphabet
Centaurish* Centauri Elven
Colossus* Colosai, Giants Ancient
Gnoll Gnolls Classical
Gobtalk* Ovar-kin, goblin races Draconic
Müngol* Mün-Golai Ancient
Myoan* Myorai Ancient
Nokolish* Nokol-Orai Alabic
Sethilli* Sethi Alabic
Tengu* Tengu Mungese
or Kaidanese
Trollik* Trolls Draconic
Vermin* Vermani Alabic

Other Languages

Language Typical Speakers Alphabet
Abyssal* Demons, CE outsiders Infernal
Aklo Derros,
inhuman or otherworldly monsters, evil fey
Aquan* Water-based creatures Elven
Auran* Air-based creatures Draconic
Celestial* Good Outsiders Celestial
Common Phthyan Humans,
Travelers, Merchants
Draconic* Kobolds,
troglodytes, lizardfolk, Dragons
Druidic Druids only Cymbrillic
Ignan* Fire-based creatures Draconic
Infernal* Devils, LE outsiders Infernal
Terran* Xorn, earth-based creatures Dwarven
Undercommon Drow, duergar, morlocks, svirfneblin Elven

Rules for bonus Languages



Languages of the World

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