Loot box
This is a list of loot found while adventuring. The distribution of said loot is up to the party to determine.
Note that any item, such as potions or scrolls, which may be used up during the adventure, will not be removed from this page, but will be adjusted on the Party Magic page.

Party Treasury & Resources

Party Treasury
Party Goods

Coins Equipment Gems & Other Magic
divvied divvied divvied allocated
Nesting Swallow
Given over to village Given over to village Bracelet 2441gp
Purple corundum 792gp
Pendant 3896gp
Necklace 173gp
Aquamarine 437gp
Armbands 257gp
Rose quartz 39gp
Agate 1gp
Sardonyx 19gp
Jasper 26gp
Chalcedony 14gp
Golden pearl 53gp
Ring 16gp
Turquoise 9gp
Malachite 6gp
Ring 12gp
Agate 1gp
+2 Chain Shirt x10 (4150gp ea)
+2 Wakizashi x10 (8300gp ea)
+3 Agile Breastplate (9150gp)
+2 Katana (8300gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds x2 (300gp) [Smriti, Wikkit]
Potion of cure serious wounds x2 (750gp) [Sapphire, Tasari]
Potion of protection from arrows [Tasari]
Stone Salve (x2) (4000 ea) [Kumori, Smriti]
Brooch of shielding Absorb 101 magic missiles (1500gp)
+1 Large Mithral Breastplate Armor (1150gp) [Tieqing]
The Maze
none Composite Shortbow (+4 STR) x4 None Potion: magic fang, greater (+5) [Smriti]
Potion: displacement x4 [unassigned]
Potion: cure moderate wounds x4 [Kumori, Blue Beak, Wikkit, Smriti]
Ring of Protection (+1) [Chodak, Otos, 2 unassigned]
Arcane Scroll {5/9}: animal growth; telepathic bond [Sapphire]
Arcane Scroll {4/7}: invisibility, greater; confusion [Sapphire]
Arcane Scroll {5/9}: overland flight; dismissal [Sapphire]
Faerie Ring
none none none Potions: cure serious wounds x2 [Smriti, Kumori]
Fey Gift: Scent of Gold [Kumori]
Shamrock [Otos]
Bloodstone (properties unknown) [Smriti]
Crystal Cave
Lock, Good [Low Quality] 67gp
Falchion [Very Cheap Quality] 51gp
Climber’s kit [Low Quality] 71gp
Bell [Standard Quality] 1gp
Greatclub [ Fine Quality] 6gp
Morningstar [Inferior Quality] 5gp
Sap [Standard Quality] 1gp
Artisan’s outfit [Standard Quality] 1gp
Deep green spinel 55gp
Bracelet 49gp
Turquoise 2gp
Blue quartz 2gp
Obsidian 2gp
Potion: Levitate {2nd/3rd} : 300gp
Potion: Reduce person {1st/1st} : 50gp
Oil: Grease {1st/1st} : 50gp
Arcane Scroll, Resilient sphere {4th/7th} : 700gp
Arcane Scroll, Vampiric touch {3rd/5th} : 375gp
250gp backpack
flint and steel
30 longbow arrows
rope, 50’ hemp
thieves tools
10 sling stones
gold ring (500 gp)
ruby (2000gp)
+3 small short sword [Wikkit]
Battlemind Locket [Ranya]
+1 Sling (small) [Wikkit]
Mutabi-qi Raiders
Masterwork Lance : 310gp
Breastplate Armor [Exceptional Quality] 389gp
Healer’s kit [Low Quality] 42gp
Smokestick [Very Fine Quality] 30gp
Holy symbol, wooden [Zeus] 1 gp intertwined with
Holy symbol, silver [Hera] [Inferior Quality ] 15gp [Otos]
White pearl 71gp
Golden pearl 78gp
Lapis lazuli 4gp
Obsidian 2gp
+2 Shortbow, Composite (+4 STR) 8300gp [Kumori]
Potion: invisibility {2nd/3rd} : 300gp [Wikkit]
Potion: pass without trace {1st/1st} : 50gp [Wikkit]
Potion: magic fang {1st/1st} : 50gp [Smriti]
Ring of feather falling : 2200gp [Wikkit]
Arcane Scroll, haste {3rd/5th} : 375gp [Banlak]
divvied divvied divvied allocated
Munasukaru’s Penance
MW Armorer’s Tools (55gp)
Pair of good locks w/keys (160gp)
Gold plated merchant scale (100gp)
Silver acupuncture needles (50gp)
11 Obsidians (10gp ea)
Gold leaf offering bowl w/rubies (300gp)
Gilded elephant tusk (125gp)
Jade rooster figurine (100gp)
Lacquered opium box (50gp)
3 fine bearskins (100gp ea)
Bronze dagger set w/lapis lazuli scabbard (250gp)
Bonzai tree [Kumori]
Platinum-and-jade pendant (800gp)
Jade plaque (1300gp)
Pair of gold lions (3500gp)
Silver bracelet w/turquoise and emeralds (6100gp)
12 golden zodiac figurines (100gp ea)
Headband of Alluring Charisma +2 [Blue Beak]
Brooch of Shielding [Sky]
Scroll: spike growth [Otos]
Swan Boat Feather Token [Otos]
Potions: cure serious wounds x6 [Smriti, Kumori, Otos, Blue Beak, Wikkit, Ranya]
Obake Monastery
97gp none Silver and enamel ring with the Mungese characters for wealth and luck (110 gp)
Silver foo dog brooch (75 gp)
Pendant – interlocking jade rings (60 gp)
Silver hairpin with a kingfisher feather (50 gp)
Carved ivory-and-coral bracelet (40 gp)
4 silver wedding rings (10 gp each)
The Mockery Pagoda
64gp Alchemical Fire (x5) [Otos] none Potion: cure serious wounds (x5) [Smriti
(x3), Wikkit, Otos]
Obake and Giants
192gp Mundane equipment (worth 194gp) Gems & Jewels (139gp) Goggles of minute seeing (2500gp) [Wikkit]
Arcane Scroll, summon monster V {5th/9th} (1125gp) [treasury]
Munasukaru’s Penance Level 1
232gp MW Blowgun Darts x10 (306gp)
Mundane Equipment (203gp) [15 lbs]
Misc Gems (233gp) Potion: shield of faith {1/1} (50gp) [Otos]
Oil: shatter {2/3} (300gp) [Wikkit]
Potion: cure serious wounds (x6) [Smriti (x2), Kwok Wen, Ranya, Chodak, Blue Beak]
Loan from Shikibu
none none none Kikuya’s Sensu [Smriti]
Obake Attack
22gp Dagger with gold hilt (400 gp)
MW composite longbow (+4 Str) [Kumori]
20 arrows
MW Do-Maru armor (x4) [Chodak]
MW heavy wooden shield (x3) [Chodak]
MW composite longbow (x4)
66 arrows
MW morningstar (x4)
Bronze rice bowl (15 gp)
Carved horn box (10gp)
6 spinels (100 gp each)
Horn libation cup (75 gp)
Potion of cure serious wounds (x5) [Wikkit (x2), Kwok Wen, Ranya, Chodak]
+2 O-yoroi armor [Kumori]
+1 Thundering greataxe
Belt of giant strength +4 [Kumori]
Cloak of resistance +1 (made from the skins of 47 piglets)
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier [Blue Beak]
Shunkichi’s Waymarker
none none none Shunkichi’s Stones [Wikkit]
11/15/13 and 11/22/13
Ninja Attack
none MW Katana/Wakasashi sets (x14)
MW Chain Shirt (x14)
Shuriken (x98) [Ranya]
Poison: shadow essence (36 doses) [Ranya]
none Potion of cure serious wounds (x6) [Otos, Blue Beak, Smriti (2 each)]
Potion of displacement (x6) [Wikkit, Blue Beak, Ranya (2 each)]
divvied divvied divvied allocated
Prince Batsaikhar’s Gifts
none none MW Morin Khuur (500 gp) (Wikkit) +1 Composite Shortbow (+2 STR) (Ranya)
Efficient Quiver (Otos)
10 +1 arrows (Kumori)
4 flasks Elixir of Fire Breath (Wikkit, Smriti, Blue Beak, Kwok Wen)
+1 scimitar in a ceremonial scabbard decorated with opals (1,000 gp) (Chodak)
Bormurg’s Reward
2000gp none Tourmaline 87gp
Rhodochrosite 10gp
Aquamarine 112gp
Sardonyx 46gp
Onyx 12gp
Obsidian 4gp
Turquoise 2gp
Potion of cat’s grace (Wikkit)
Potion of bear’s endurance (Kumori)
Potion of fly (Wikkit)
Potion of neutralize poison (Blue Beak)
The Storm Tower
none none Gems and
Crystals (5,000gp)
Cube of Frost Resistance (Blue Beak)
Gem of Brightness (Ranya)
Clouded Path Monastery
none Magnifying Glass (100gp) Antique Holy Symbol (500gp)
4 Jade Gemstones (50gp ea)
Silver Armbands (500gp)
2 Amethysts (100 eac)
Braid of a Hundred Masters [Kumori]
matched pair of +1 sai (Smriti)
+1 temple sword (Kumori)
bracers of armor +2 (Smriti – trade up; Old ones go to Kumori)
+4 Huge Hide Armor (16000gp)(given to Bormurg)
Path of Many Shrines
none none Jade Brooch (250gp)
Journal (unknown value)
+1 Composite Longbow (+2 STR) [Chodak]
Boots of the Winterlands [Wikkit]
Overhang Ambush
none none none Cloak of Resistance +2 [Ranya]
Potion: cure critical wounds (consumed)
Scroll: endure elements, spider climb [Ian]
Components for making Sovereign Glue (400gp) [Otos]
Gaspar & Bandits
none none none +3 Half-Plate Armor 9100gp
+3 Longsword 18300gp [Otos]
Orb of Storms 48000gp [Blue Beak]
Masterwork Hide Armor 165gp
Spyglass [Low Quality] 708gp [Otos]
Chest (empty) 2gp
Longbow [High Quality] 84gp
Sunrod 2gp [Otos]
Kama 2gp
Lock, Average [High Quality] 47gp
Tool, Awl, masterwork [Very Cheap Quality] 32gp
Hourglass [Fine Quality] 32gp
Entertainer’s outfit [Superior Quality] 5gp
Scholar’s outfit [6Inferior Quality] 3gp
Masterwork scimitar 315gp
Masterwork Net 320gp [Otos]
Alexandrite 143gp
Tourmaline 81gp
Sardonyx 14gp
Chrysoberyl 57gp
Star rose quartz 42gp
Azurite 8gp
Potion: cure serious wounds x2 750gp ea. [Smriti, Blue Beak]
Potion: greater magic fang (+4) x2 [Smriti] 2400gp ea.
Goblin Bandits
1 pp
48 gp
1040 sp
none Violet garnet 109gp
Star rose quartz 24gp
Red spinel 93gp
Malachite 5gp
Azurite 1gp
Agate 1gp
+2 Falcion x2 (Treasury)
+1 Heavy Steel Shield x2
(Small) +1 Scimitar x3 (Ranya, Treasury)
Leper Loot
none none none +1 Heavy Steel Shield (Treasury)
+2 Kukri (Smriti)
Gauntlets of Ogre Power (Smriti)
Bracers of Armor +2 (Smriti)
Targos’ Home
none Ornate Box w/potions 550gp none Oil of bless weapon x6 (Treasury)
divvied divvied divvied allocated
Reaver’s Prize
1000gp none none none
Horror’s Treasure
Masterwork Breastplate 350gp
Masterwork Leather Armor 160gp [Ranya]
Crossbow, repeating heavy 400 gp [Blue Beak]
Alchemist’s lab [High Quality] 229gp
Half-plate Armor [Cheap Quality] 465gp
Axe, orc double [Low Quality] 57gp
Banded mail Armor [Exceptional Quality] 457gp
Crossbow, repeating heavy [High Quality] 423gp [Smriti]
Climber’s kit [Low Quality] 69gp
Sledge 1 gp
Padded Armor [Inferior Quality] 3gp
Spear 2gp
Masterwork Sickle 306gp [Ranya]
Masterwork Sword, short 310gp
Masterwork Javelin 301gp
Masterwork Dart 300gp
Masterwork Kama 302gp
Earrings 14gp
Bracelet 146gp
Amber 92gp
Jet 62gp
Peridot 35gp
Chalcedony 17gp
Obsidian 1gp
Obsidian 1gp
Potion of Bull’s strength 300gp [Kumori]
Potion of Rage 750gp [Smriti]
Oil of Shillelagh 50gp [Smriti]
Potion of Invisibility 300gp [Ranya]
Arcane Scroll, Phantom steed {3rd/5th} 375gp [Ian]
Divine Scroll, Tongues {4th/7th} Cure moderate wounds {2nd/3rd} 850gp [Sky]
Arcane Scroll, Contagion {4th/7th} 700gp [Ian]
Arcane Scroll, Blink {3rd/5th} 375gp [Ian]
Arcane Scroll, Slow {3rd/5th} 375gp [Ian]
Old Bayan Bora the Maggi’s Spellbook [Ian]
Giant Lair
none Average lock 42gp
3 artisan’s outfits 1gp each
3 hooded wool cloaks 1gp each
Dark red felt bag 3sp
Silver goblet with intricate scrollwork 125gp
Assorted Weaponry 4000gp (1000lbs)
Topaz x4 500gp each
Blue quartz x5 10gp each
Lapis lazuli x7 10gp each
Aquamarine 500gp
Tigereye x9 10gp each
Peridot x10 50gp each
Amethyst x2 100gp each
Green spinel x4 100gp each
Malachite x2 10gp each
Purple corundum 1,000gp
Jacinth; 5,000gp
Cave Giant
Adamantine dagger 3002gp (Kumori)
Climber’s kit [Low Quality] 75gp
Musical instrument, common (Sitar) [Exceptional Quality] 9gp (Rajat)
Signet ring [Very Fine Quality] 7gp
Pick, miner’s [Fine Quality] 4gp
Traveler’s outfit 1gp
Arrows (20) 1gp
Necklace 217gp
Deep blue spinel 154gp
Jet 84gp
Earrings 164gp
Obsidian 8gp
Smoky quartz 21gp
Chalcedony 20gp
Obsidian 5gp
Sardonyx 34gp
Turquoise 7gp
Blue quartz 1gp
Freshwater (irregular) pearl 4gp
Rhodochrosite 2gp
Potion of magic weapon {1st/1st} 50gp (Rajat)
Potion of enlarge person {1st/1st} 50gp (Kumori)
Kamadan Pack
Masterwork Shield, light steel 159gp
Masterwork Shield, heavy wooden 157gp
Banded mail Armor [Superior Quality] 437gp
Kushari Noble’s outfit [Fine Quality] 93gp
Lock, Good [Low Quality] 76gp
Artisan’s (sculptor’s) tools [Inferior Quality] 3gp
Padded Armor 5 gp
Rock crystal (clear quartz) 37gp
Tourmaline 78gp
Necklace 118gp
Sard 30gp
Turquoise 10gp
Hematite 4gp
Lapis lazuli 1gp
Lapis lazuli 2gp
Freshwater (irregular) pearl 5gp
Oil of obscure object {2nd/3rd}
300gp (Otos)
Potion of protection from arrows {2nd/3rd} 300gp (Sukai)
Arcane Scroll: invisibility sphere {3rd/5th} and dispel magic {3rd/5th} 750gp (Ian)
Carpathian Bandits
All items
sold except:
Masterwork Shield, light steel 159gp (Rajat)
Saddle, Exotic Military [Very Fine Quality] 86gp (Kumori)
Ink (1 oz. vial) 8 gp [Standard Quality] : 8gp (Ian)
Shortbow, composite +2 str 30 gp [High Quality] 35gp (Blue Beak)
Studded leather Armor [Very Fine Quality] 36gp (Rajat)
Shuriken (5) 1gp (Blue Beak)
sold Arcane Scroll: obscuring mist {1st/1st} : 25gp (Ian)
pp: 1
gp: 27
sp: 100
cp: 300
MW Chain Shirt : 250gp (Treasury)
Shield, heavy wooden [Very Fine Quality] : 10gp (Treasury)
Fishing net, 25 sq. ft. [Fine Quality] : 5gp (Otos)
Flail [High Quality] : 9gp (Treasury)
Pick, miner’s 3 gp [Very Cheap Quality] : 2gp (Treasury)
Acid (flask) 10 gp (Otos)
Agate 3gp
Ring 15gp
Zircon 23gp
Turquoise 7gp
Obsidian 1gp
Obsidian 1gp
Potion of enlarge person (Smriti)
Oil of light (Otos)
Dowager’s Treasure
Masterwork Gauntlet, spiked : 305gp (sold) Aquamarine 137gp
Rock crystal (clear quartz) 38gp
Jasper 46gp
Malachite 5gp
Rose quartz 14gp
Agate 2gp
Freshwater (irregular) pearl 1gp
Turquoise 2gp
Divine Scroll: hold animal [2/3] (Otos)
Arcane Scroll: detect secret doors (Ian)
Magic Elixer: Unkown (Aura faint divination) (Ian)
Shield, heavy wooden +1 : 1157gp (sold)

Date Description Coins Equipment Gems & Other Magic
divvied divvied divvied divvied allocated
Treasure Value
+ Gems & Jewels(825gp)
+ Coins(825gp)
= 16500gp
Reward from Pogost Vel Voucher for 160 Kopeks
252 Kopeks
1100 Grivnas
5600 Dengas
Masterwork Chainmail
Masterwork Shortbow, composite
Crossbow, repeating heavy [Exceptional Quality]: 767gp
Half-plate Armor [Fine Quality]: 757gp
Noble’s outfit [Fine Quality]: 92gp
Scimitar [Fine Quality]: 19gp
Spell component pouch [Very Fine Quality]: 7gp
Sealing wax
Monk’s outfit
Pot, iron [Fine Quality]: 1gp
Rope, hemp (50 ft.)
Violet garnet 210gp
Armbands 275gp
Alexandrite 200gp
Onyx statuette of a horse 23gp
Violet garnet 113gp
Azurite 1gp
Freshwater (irregular) pearl 2gp
Hematite 1gp
Potion of magic fang {1st/1st} (Eul)
Potion of blur {2nd/3rd} (Dorak)
Potion of shatter {2nd/3rd} (Ian)
Arcane Scroll, rage {3rd/5th} (Ian)
Wand of flame blade {2nd/3rd} (sold)
Wand of bear’s endurance {2nd/3rd} (Eul)
Boots of the Winterlands (Smriti)
8/31/12 Elder Barghest 12 Dinari
26 Sesteri
MW Pike none +2 Breastplate (Standard Phthyan Imperial Lion breastplate, ebellished with the captain’s braid)
+2 Heavy Steel Shield (Standard Phthyan Imperial Lion roundshield, ebellished with the captain’s braid)
+2 Gladius (short sword) (Imperial Lion on hilt and pommel with captain’s lanyard)
6/22/12 Monastery 17 gp (Kaidanese) 20 MW arrows
MW mace
MW katana
pearl necklace (2000gp) +1 Naginata
+2 Naginata
Dishuko’s ancestral swords
+2 lamellar armor (x2)
+1 flaming katana
+1 longbow
6/1/12 Bandits 332 Dinari
936 Sesteri
Leather Armor (x10)
Banded Armor (x10, Imperial Legionnaire standard issue)
Heavy Steel Shield (x10, Imperial Legionnaire standard issue)
10 longbows (Imperial)
10 crossbows (Imperial)
120 units of ammunition (Imperial)
20 assorted weapons (Imperial)
20 assorted weapons (standard)
none none
5/18/12 Bandits 201 Dinari
1222 Sesteri
Waraxe, Dwarven (Boris)
Shield (heavy wooden)(Boris)
Leather Armor (x10)
Banded Armor (x10, Imperial Legionnaire standard issue)
Heavy Steel Shield (x10, Imperial Legionnaire standard issue)
10 longbows (Imperial)
10 crossbows (Imperial)
120 units of ammunition (Imperial)
20 assorted weapons (Imperial)
20 assorted weapons (standard)
none +1 Light Fortification Half-Plate armor (Boris)(Imperial Legionnaire special issue)
Potion of cure light wounds (Boris)
5/11/12 Fehid 1212 Dinari none Gold jewelry worth 12,000 gp +2 Buckler
Amulet of Mighty Fists +1
Bracers of Any Armor +3
Headband of Wisdom +2
Dusty Rose Prism
2/26/12 Dust Digger 1300 gp emerald (900 gp)
iolite, jasper (50 gp)
black pearl (400 gp)
alexandrite (500 gp)
fire opal (600 gp)
violet garnet (600 gp)
2/10/12 Flind/Gnolls 100000 cp (partial taken/rest buried flindbar
longbow w/16 arrows
- Scroll: continual flame (SL 2 CL 3)
Scroll: ventriloquism (SL 1 CL 1)
2/3/12 Sennicus the Bugbear
(and the reward)
314 gp
33 sp
169 cp
MW Steel Tower Shield (x2)
MW Banded Mail (x2)
MW Scimitar
MW Longbow, Composite (+4 STR)×(Kumori)
7 Javelins
4 MW Longswords
Unusual marble and gold statue (8000 gp) +1 Furious Longspear × (Smriti)
Handy Haversack × (Dorak)
Amulet of natural armour (+1) × (Kumori)
Potion (cure moderate wounds) ×(Dusky)
Potion (cure serious wounds) × (Coatl)
Potion (bulls strength) × (Kumori)
Potion (barkskin +2) x2 × (Dorak & Dusky)
1/20/12 Pablo the assassin 650 gp
33 sp
122 cp
Small flask with traces of a honey-like liquid (unidentified)
Small ornate metal box (120 gp) containing a pinch of odorless black powder (unidentified)
Tourmaline (80 gp)
Alexandrite (500 gp)
Jade (80 gp)
Banded agate (14 gp)
Gift Taker × (Dorak)
1 Studded leather armor
+1 Buckler
Boots (
3 to Stealth)
Potion (Aid) × (Smriti)
Potion (Cure Light Wounds) × (Smriti)
1/13/12 Ambush/Reward 160 gp
2000 gp reward
MW Flail x2 none Potion (Pass without Trace)
1/6/12 Goblin Stash 361 gp
166 sp
3212 cp
none none none
10/14/11 Aspis Ambush 47 gp
52 sp
111 cp
6 scimitars
6 light crossbows
48 bolts
Tanglefoot Bag
Diguise Kit
Poison: Large Scorpion Venom (2 doses)
6 Aspis cloaks (unidentified)
6 vials: Oil of (unidentified)
6/30/11 Pirate’s Treasure 400 pp
600 gp
1300 sp
22,099 cp
Rock crystal (clear quartz) (30 gp)
eye agate (14 gp)
eye agate (13 gp)
Alexandrite (400 gp)
deep blue spinel (600 gp)
Bloodstone (70 gp)
Alexandrite (600 gp)
blue star sapphire (900 gp)
amethyst (80 gp)
chalcedony (70 gp)
aquamarine (500 gp)
Alexandrite (400 gp)
freshwater (irregular) pearl (13 gp)
golden yellow topaz (400 gp)
black pearl (600 gp)
Silver-plated steel longsword with jet jewel in hilt (1000 gp)
Carved harp of exotic wood with ivory inlay and zircon gems (300 gp)
String of small pink pearls (necklace) (2000 gp)
Gold dragon comb with red garnet eye (1800 gp)
Black velvet mask with numerous citrines (100 gp)
Silver ewer (80 gp)
Jeweled gold crown (6000 gp)
Wand: eagle’s splendor (12 charges)
Crystal Skull (unidentified)
Scepter, gold with onyx inlay (unidentified)
Aran’s Belongings 325 gp violet garnet (400 gp)
rose, smoky, or star rose quartz (30 gp)
carnelian (30 gp)
rhodochrosite (13 gp)
chrysolberyl (80 gp)
Faded Map Boots of Speed
+2 Waraxe, dwarven
Explorer’s Society Pendant
6/23/11 Dragon Horde 210pp
none golden yellow topaz (600 gp)
zircon (40 gp)
amethyst (100 gp)
obsidian (10 gp)
rhodochrosite (11 gp)
jade (110 gp)
Banded agate (7 gp)
Divine Scroll: protection from chaos
Divine Scroll: flare
Divine Scroll: calm emotions
Arcane Scroll: hypnotic pattern
Potion: cure moderate wounds
Potion: protection from (chaos)
Potion: cat’s grace
5/26/11 Ogre Ambush 6000sp - Onyx (60gp)
Chrysoberyl (70gp)
Moonstone (50gp)
Deep Blue Spinel (400gp)
Everburning Torch
5/19/11 Degarn’s Base 127pp
MW Breastplate
MW Large Steel Shield
MW Heavy Mace
Augelite (12gp)
Blue Topaz (724 gp)
Temair (84gp)
White Pearl (100gp)
White Pearl (110gp) x2
Chalcedony (50gp)
Chalcedony (40gp)
Carnelian (80gp)
Carnelian (40gp)
Moss Agate (11gp)
Moonstone (80gp)
Tiger Eye (8gp)
Smoky Quartz (60gp)
The Heart of Grakis
+1 Large Steel Shield
+1 Scale Mail
Potion of lesser restoration
Pearl of Power (1st Level) x2
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (11 Charges)
Divine Scroll: summon monster III (CL 5)
Divine Scroll: prayer (CL 5)
Wand of detect magic (13 Charges)
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Potion of Bull’s Strength
Reaper +1 Keen Scythe
5/12/11 Ryn’s Stuff 500gp MW Dagger
MW Studded Leather Armor
Heavy Crossbow
Heavy Bolts (15)
Book (non-magical): Practical Application of Applied Enchantment (+2 bonus to Spellcraft research)
Black pearl (300 gp)
Banded agate (13 gp)
Alexandrite (500 gp)
Eye Agate (8 gp)
+1 Rapier
Ring of Protection +1
Wand of knock (CL 3) (2 charges)
Wand of summon monster I (CL 1) (2 charges)
Wand of silence (CL 3) (30 charges)
Wand of magic missile (CL 3) (6 charges)
Potion of Sneaking
Potion of alter self
Scroll: bind spirit (Cleric 4/ Sor/Wiz 5) CL 9 x2
Scroll: cure moderate wounds CL 3 x3
Gifted by Aislynn 6 ratty tabards of the Chosen One’s clan Potion of alter self CL 5 x3
Potion of invisibility CL 5 x3
Wand of fog cloud CL 5 (10 charges)
5/5/11 Ambush 15gp, 17sp, 7cp MW Halfspear
MW Small Steel Shield
MW Beastplate
2 Longspears
3 Greataxes
Note written in Gobtalk
Carnelian (50gp)
Eye Agate (16gp)
Malachite (8gp)
Cloak of Protection +1
Strand of Prayer Beads: One Bead = Bless
Wand of detect magic (17 charges) – engraving “Grikzoc” in haft
2 Potions: Cure Moderate Wounds
4/21/11 Gypsy 30gp MW Hand Crossbow, 8 bolts Forger’s Kit, 7 doses Blue Whinnis poison -
Cultists 270gp MW Knife violet garnet (500 gp) Rope of Binding, Gag of Muting
Reward 500gp commission for one MW weapon each 100gp each in items from Alchemist -
4/7/11 Horrace’s Gifts - MW Heavy Mace +1 Chainmail
Orcish Hall Treasure 22pp, 352gp, 4800sp 3 smokesticks grossular (25gp), strawberry quartz (59) Potion of blur, Potion of cure light wounds, Potion of lesser restoration, Scroll (divine), summon monster I (SL1, CL1), Scroll (divine), sanctuary (SL1, CL1), Scroll (divine)], inflict light wounds (SL1, CL1), Scroll (divine), make whole (SL2, CL2), Cloak of Resistance +1.
3/24/11 Ogre Brigand 200gp MW Longsword (Urian), Suit of Full Plate Armor (Urian), Chain Shirt Scroll (arcane) protection from evil (CL 1), Scroll (arcane) confusion, lesser (CL 1)
Raider Base 35gp, 593sp, 51cp Small Short Swords x6, Small Studded Leather Armor x5, Javelins x20, Longsword x2, Studded Leather Armor x2, Small Wooden Shield x2, MW Scimitar, MW Studded Leather Armor, MW Large Steel Shield Cloth of Gold Vestments (Urian), Large tapestry depicting Laeder defeating orcs, Small gold idol of a fair elven maiden, 4 bolts grey wool cloth, 10 sacks of wheat, 3 sun-bleached rat skulls, a worthless red crystal, chest with good inset lock and spent poison gas trap, chest with poor inset lock Potion: aid, Potion: cure light wounds, Potion: cure light wounds, Scroll (divine): doom (CL 1), Scroll (divine): summon monster II (CL 3), Scroll (divine): cure moderate wounds, Skylark Statue
3/17/11 Orc Ambush 5000cp (leader); 4gp, 12sp, 16cp (prisoner) 3 Javelins, nice javelin quiver, splint armor x2, longbow +13 arrows, greataxe, falchion pea whistle Kiaven’s Javelin
3/10/11 Goblin Ambush 68gp, 14sp, 33cp 4 Small Short bows, 4 Small Short Swords, 4 suits small studded leather armor Lock, average (40 gp) None

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