Losing Limbs

When a critical hit is confirmed, the wounded character may opt to lose a body part of their choice before any critical results are determined. They may also choose to lose a limb on any Instant Kill results. If they so choose, the damage done is reduced to the minimum possible by the weapon (as if the strike was not a critical and all of the damage rolls resulted in ‘ones’). The lost body part must be chosen from: an eye, either hand, either arm (at the elbow), or either leg (at the knee).
If the character in question desires, they may randomly roll on the following chart to see which limb is removed. “Dominant” refers to the hand that the character wields his weapon in. Thus if a character wields his sword with his left hand, then his dominant eye is his left eye. Passive refers to the character’s “off” hand.
If the player chooses to have the result randomly determined, they have a 10% chance (a roll of 1 or 2 on the d20) to avoid permanent maiming (but they will retain an impressive scar – roll for the scar’s location). They may also merely lose a finger or receive a facial scar. Characters who have an Instant Kill confirmed may not roll on the table. They must lose a limb instead.

Characters who lose limbs may wear prosthetics.

Roll Limb
1-2 No Permanent Damage
3-4 Facial Scar
5-6 Passive Eye
7 Dominant Eye
8 Tendon Damage Passive Leg (Lame)
9 Tendon Damage Dominant Leg (Lame)
10-11 Passive Leg
12 Dominant Leg
13 Loss of a Finger Passive Hand
14 Loss of a Finger Dominant Hand
15-16 Passive Hand
17 Dominant Hand
18-19 Passive Arm
20 Dominant Arm
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Losing Limbs

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