Modified Cure and Inflict Spells

Characters casting any of the various cure spells (cure light wounds, cure moderate wounds, etc.) will roll the appropriate die or dice for the spell used and add the amount per level as normal. However, the benefit of the level bonus is not restricted as listed in the spell description. Regardless of the caster’s level each spell has a maximum healing potential.

The maximum healing potential is determined by evaluating the highest amount of healing a character can achieve from a particular spell – in the case of cure light wounds that amount is 1d8+5 (the +5 coming from the maximum caster level bonus that can be added to the spell). The spell description for cure light wounds using this house rule would state:

“You channel positive energy to cure 1d8 points of damage +1 point per caster level (maximum of 13 points of healing).”

The damage inflicted to undead by these spells remains unchanged (1d8 + caster level – maximum of +5 damage).

This is derived by calculating the maximum number possible that the spell could generate and setting that as the maximum healing capability of the spell. Modifiers for any class feature or feats then add to this maximum. This allows higher-level characters to gain more efficiency from their curative magic by increasing the minimum amount that their spells can heal. In the example above, when a character reaches 12th level, then no die roll is required for their cure light wounds spells as they will always cure 13 points.

The table below outlines the maximums:

Spell Roll Max
1 cure light wounds 1d8+level 13
2 cure moderate wounds 2d8+level 26
3 cure serious wounds 3d8+level 39
4 cure critical wounds 4d8+level 52
5 cure light wounds, mass 1d8+level 33
6 cure moderate wounds, mass 2d8+level 46
7 cure serious wounds, mass 3d8+level 59
8 cure critical wounds, mass 4d8+level 72

The same rule applies to inflict spells as well.

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Modified Cure and Inflict Spells

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