Monbad Region

Dolba Basin

The Dolba Basin is the traditional boundary of the Silk Road. The bulk of this oval-shaped depression is the Veramashan Desert, surrounded by foreboding mountain ranges on all sides. Due to the lay of the land, the majority of oases follow the foot of mountains along the northern edge of the Veramashan Desert. Snowmelt from the Hamaluna Mountains makes life more bearable along the northern edge of the Dolba Basin, creating a string of oases for travelers and settlers. The eastern side of the Dolba Basin was once wet, the most pronounced body of water being Lake a large lake to the northeast. Over time, changes in terrain elevation and increased usage upstream transformed the lake and the surrounding fishing villages into the dry salt flats.

It is rumored that the lake temporarily reappears, collecting water when the climatic conditions are just right. Serendipitously, there is an oasis at the western end of the Tarim Basin, which is the widely accepted western entrance to the Dolba Basin.

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Monbad Region

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