Mounts and Other Animals

Characters will, at times, have animals and mounts traveling with them if they so desire. This includes any animal or creature that is not a familiar, animal companion, or similar. These animals will gain ‘animal levels’ using the Pathfinder Bestiary to level the creature. The rate that the animals will gain a level will match the time when their owner gains a level. Thus, an animal that a character gains at third level, will gain an animal level when the character attains their next level. However, this only applies to ‘war’ mounts, or ‘hunting’ animals. This will include warhorses, war ponies, war dogs, jaguars (or other hunting cats), etc. The Dungeon Master will have final say on what animals gain a level every time the character gains one. All non-war or non-hunting animals (those the Dungeon Master deems not to gain a level every time the character levels) will gain an animal level for every two levels the character obtains. Regardless of the animal type, the animal cannot gain additional animal levels until their owner is at least one level higher than the number of hit dice the animal has. Thus, a 4 hit die animal cannot gain an additional animal level until the owner goes from fifth level to sixth level.
Familiars and Animal Companions advance normally according to the rules in the PCR.
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Mounts and Other Animals

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