Ninth Batallion

Ninth battalionThe foes of dwarves are many. Besieged throughout history as they have been, it is inevitable that from time to time, despite the best of defenses, a dwarven clan is wiped out and its few survivors scattered. Rather than be subsumed by a neighboring kingdom, many survivors instead choose to find a new home in the Ninth Battalion, an inter-clan of disenfranchised Bitori warriors dedicated to the stalwart defense of Marak-Dün’s remaining dwarven enclaves. Whenever one of dwarvenkind’s innumerable enemies threatens a clan home, the Ninth Battalion will soon be there, answering their fellow kinsmen’s call for aid.

Goal: Defend Dwarvenkind

A military force without borders, the Ninth Battalion seeks to bolster its threatened brethren whenever and wherever needed. When not directly involved in ongoing combat operations, the dwarves of the Ninth Battalion focus on forging the ultimate in armor and weapons, ensuring their members are equipped with the very best the Ninth Battalion has to offer. Military drills are commonplace, as are the legendary celebrations in the Ninth Battalion’s feast halls that frequently follow.




Ninth Batallion

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