Description: APG standard oracle modified as follows:

OracleRegions: Oracles and their ilk have roots that date bak to the origins of people. Most cultures have tales of those chosen by the gods to foresee. Oracles are particularly common in less civilized regions. Io is famous for their sect of Oracles, the Oracle of Meridimnus, who live in their sacred temple of Apollo, high upon Mount Artemisus. The Oracles inhale normally toxic fumes bellowing from deep below and then utter babble that can only be deciphered by the priestesses.
In the Free Kingdoms, there is but one god that sends visions to her followers, Zheenkeef. Other gods may choose mortals to act as their mouthpieces, but such holy folk are not part of any organized church, and their revelations are rarely backed or supported by any official office.

Recharge: Unlike most religious spellcasters, oracles gain no benefit when they recharge their spells at a holy shrine, temple or cathedral.

Mysteries: Consult with the DM to choose your deity and learn which Mysteries they may grant your character.

Ritual Magic: Oracles may may not learn ritual magic, thus they may not purchase ranks in the Arcane Ritual skill.

Sense Spirits: Oracles do not have the ability to sense spirits. They focus on worldly affairs and use granted spells to interrogate those who have passed on.

Ceremony of Life: Oracles do not have the ability to perform the ceremony of life.

New Oracle Curses: Oracles may choose from a list of alternate curses.

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