Orphanage and Chapel

This is the Orphanage on Page Street, ( City of Montaigne), as well as the Chapel of the Five Fruits located next door. Three holy men work at these two places. Father Jerome, a priest of The Great Church oversees the official running of the chapel, while Cleric Farley and Deacon Dodd, also of The Great Church, run the orphanage, as well as preside over the services in the chapel.
Of late, the chapel (and thus also the orphanage), has been suffering from a lack of support by the Diocese of The Great Cathedral of Montaigne. Tithes and donations locally have been quite below the mark needed to keep the Orphanage and Chapel running. The three clergy members have been striving to raise funding for the children, primarily so they can keep the little ones fed and clothed. They are hoping that this year’s ( 1332YS) Month of Sorrows will bring in some much needed funding.





Orphanage and Chapel

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