Other Characters

This is a list of characters the characters have heard about but not yet met, deceased folks they have heard of or encountered, and legendary characters. Some information about the characters will be noted here.

People Heard of

Village of Stahl

  • Steinersson – A Northman trader, who once had a shop in Stahl (the building now occupied by the halfling Elix and his general store). Steinersson sold out and moved on. The Northman was not trusted by Skylark’s Wing Horace.

The Deceased

  • Aran Orcsbane – Allied with Dorak’s parents, this dwarf was discovered drowned, and cursed into an undead water spirit on an uncharted island south of the Midnight Archipelago. He was yards away from discovering a legendary trove of pirate treasure.

Legendary Characters

  • Tiavan “Longspike” Billowsails – Ancient pirate rumored to have captured and stolen the treasury from the flagship of the Imperial fleet of Argon Ceptunis, a legendary Phthian Emperor.




Other Characters

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