Overland Movement

Movement on D20 PF SRD

A cart or wagon normally moves 16 miles per day. Our current wagon, in it’s broken condition, likely moves less.

The average speed of a walking person is 16 miles for anyone with a move speed of 20 (Dorak, Dusky, Iz [armor], etc.).

Marching takes up 8 hours a day unless we push harder – the rest is spent eating, resting, making camp, etc.

Coatl, Iz, and Dusky require 8 hours sleep for their spells, and Coatl and Dusky require an hour of prayer to their gods or communion with their familiar to be ready for the day.

This effectively means 10 hours – 5 watches, with Dorak on all but 1 watch.

That leaves 6 hours a day of making camp, eating, etc.

That is not enough time for most crafting, using the 8 hours / 1000 gp rule for magical items.

However, that should be enough for low level potions and scrolls, assuming that the day goes:

10 PM – 8 AM – Watches and sleeping
6 AM – 8 AM Communion and prayers, striking camp
8 AM – 12 PM – March
12 PM – 1 PM – Eat and drink
1 PM – 5 PM – March
5 PM – 6 PM – Eat
6 PM – 10 PM – Assuming favorable conditions – craft a potion or scroll worth up to 250 GP (2 hours) – limit 1 created per day, weather and other factors could ruin efforts and supplies, may face penalties in the wild

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Overland Movement

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