Most races of the Fey are decedents of the Shee, one of the tribes of the Div, borne of the Cursed Sacred Fruit. The gods gave the Shee a choice, they could either lose their immortality and remain free-willed, or they could lose their will and stay immortal. The Immortal ones became the Fey and the ones who kept free will became the Elves. Over the centuries, creatures such as the faun or pixie, on very rare occasions are born or are unex- pectedly imbued with free will. Forever changed, these creatures become truly mortal and their magi- cal powers are much diminished from their true fey- blooded kin. These creatures now have souls and are almost always outcast from the communities to which they were born, forced to make their way among other races, ostracized.

FaeriePerhaps the best-known and most elusive of all fey creatures, pixies live in the deepest, most pristine faerie forests, but their insatiable curiosity often leads them far from home. Most pixies stand just over 6 inches tall — though they typically fly about the eye level of creatures they’re conversing with in order to maintain eye contact (if they choose to show themselves) — and weigh about 2 pounds. Pixies talk quickly and easily become overexcited.

Strange beings both of and beyond the natural world, pixies have magic that occasionally favors them in strange ways. They are usually unseen, and one may never know they’ve had an encounter with a pixie before it is too late. It is rumored that pixies have magic that can erase the knowledge of an encounter with them.

Pixie characters are blessed with the Maker’s Gifts.

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