Characters who lose body parts and live to tell about it often have some kind of replacement part attached in place of their missing limb. Artificers have come up with some very clever prosthetics, from simple leather caps over the stump to beautifully crafted replacements intended to fool observers into believing it is the real thing. They have not, however, reached the point where they can attach metal to muscle; so none of the available prosthetics has moving parts. For example, hooks are available, but grasping claws are not (except through certain rare artifacts). Costs range from 10 gold for simple hooks, to 1000 gp for interchangeable, decorative simulated limbs. Peg legs start at 10 gp and likewise get more expensive. Some even fashion a boot where the foot should be.

Eye patches, though not prosthetics, are likewise available, as are masks which may be used to cover gruesome facial scars.
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