Redhurst Academy of Magic


About 500 years ago, a pair of elf wizards named Aegis (EE-gis) and Nammor decided to retire from their legendary careers as adventurers. At only the tender ages of 100 years each, though, they were hardly ready to fade away. Since they no longer wished to do, they opted to teach.

Aegis and Nammor soon after founded the Redhurst Academy of Magic in the city of Archemaine, in the Midrealm of the Free Kingdoms. Part school and part fortress, Redhurst has since stood as an unassailable symbol of the best in arcane education. Kings and emperors have sent their children here to be educated here, and they have rarely been disappointed – by the school, at least.

The unique nature of the school’s campus has long made Redhurst an object of desire in the eyes of many of the mighty. Despite this, Redhurst has steadfastly managed to maintain strict political neutrality in the face of regular assailants from both without and within.

The success of this long-standing policy likely lies with the fact that it was only five years ago that Redhurst lost the leadership of Aegis and Nammor. While we still feel their absence dearly, their influence has been imprinted upon the campus and shall be felt here for as long as these stone walls stand.

More importantly, the founders’ progeny live on. While his siblings have left campus for other challenges in the lands beyond, Headmaster Andarlin — Aegis and Nammor’s heir and eldest son —carries on in their stead. Additionally, some of the heroes who helped found this academy so long ago still remain.

Today, the walls of Redhurst stand tall and proud, unbreached for centuries. You would have to go back centuries to find a moment during which the school’s safety seemed more secure. In the first century of the school’s existence, it seemed that the faculty spent half its time fighting off attacks from one demon or despot after another, each hoping to snatch this jewel of a place for themselves. Since that long-ago era, however, most potential aggressors have apparently learned that none can steal the keys to Redhurst’s crimson gates.




Redhurst Academy of Magic

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