Description: PCR standard rogue modified as follows:

RogueRegions: Although rogues may be found in every nation, certain cultures, such as the Alabic nations, persecute thieves and tomb robbers with fervor. Other cultures respect the non-criminal activities of rogues. Some institutions, such as The Explorer’s Society, even support and sponsor expeditions of exploration, and highly skilled rogues can profit from such adventures.

Listed here are many possible options for professions or titles which you may model your rogue. You must choose one of these for your starting rogue character, and choose the skills and feats appropriate for the profession. Those marked with an asterisk (*) require special permission.

Acrobat Agitator Animal Master
Artisan Assassin* Barkeeper
Bawd (City Guide) Beggar Boatman
Bodyguard Bodysnatcher Bounty Hunter
Brigand Charlatan Coachman
Corsair Demagogue Diplomat
Duellist Entertainer Excise Man
Explorer Fence Fencer
Footpad Footsoldier Fop
Forger Gambler Graverobber
Guide Highwayman Horseman
Investigator Jailer* Jester
Labourer Lamplighter Lawyer
Man-at-Arms Marine Mercenary
Merchant Messenger Military Reject
Minstrel Muleskinner Navigator
Noble* Outcast Outlaw*
Outlaw Chief* Outrider* Peasant Hero
Pedlar Pilot Pirate*
Poacher Prospector Protagonist
Racketeer Raconteur Rat Catcher
Relic Hunter Runner Rustler
Sapper Scholar Scout
Seaman Servant Sharpshooter
Slave* Slaver* Smuggler
Soldier Spy* Swashbuckler
Targeteer Tax Collector* Trader
Thug Tollkeeper* Tomb Robber
Torturer* Watchman Witch Hunter

Available Classes




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