Santa Valeria

Population: 3,000

Once Santa Lorena’s mirror image, Santa Valeria has fallen on hard times recently. Their difficulties stem from a single name: Pedro de Avila. Though the former governor has no official position, he did hold on to one perk from the bad old days: money. The mayor of Santa Valeria is his one old crony who remained in power, and a few well-placed bribes have given him considerablecontrol over the city.

Governor Suarez keeps a close eye on Santa Valeria, which prevents Pedro from pressing his advantage too hard. She has an entire island to govern, however, and must take care not to appear to hold a grudge, something Avila is playing up for all he’s worth.
Ironically, one of Pedro’s minor scams may prove his undoing. A significant minority of the field workers are serving out sentences for various crimes against Espania (and the Tortugan Colonies as well), and few of them are happy with their lot. Occasionally a ship will slip into Santa Valeria’s docks, leaving the sugar plantations a hand or three lighter. If this happens too many more times, Maria may be forced to take direct action, replacing the mayor and sending a garrison to guard the plantations. Pedro has tried to rile up the people of Santa Valeria, decrying the governor as a tyrant in the making, but few pay attention to such rhetoric. Over a hundred people have left for Santa Lorena since Pedro’s arrival, and the situation looks like it will only get worse before it gets better.

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Santa Valeria

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