Shal is the third month of the year, and is named after the god Shalimyr, god of the oceans, for the great spring storms cause the waters to rise and fall during this month.

Shal is also called the “Three Sorrows” to those who follow The Great Church. In all of the Free Kingdoms, for the deeply devout, one must fast in the daytime and contemplate all of one’s misdeeds over the past year at night (it is allowed to continue to work and perform one’s secular duties during this time, including adventuring). On the third, ninth, and 27th nights of the month are day-long services followed by solemn feasts.

Other religious holidays during Shal are:

Shal 7th – The Shalimyr observance of Return Night.

Shal 21st – The Rontran Fertility Festival.

This is a month of new beginnings, as spring warms the land and new growth begins. Winter is over, and the populace rejoices the turning of the season. The spring equinox is celebrated every Shal, with local festivals, ranging from simple gatherings to celebrate the sowing season, to full blown agricultural events where the entirety of the village band together to help all of the farmers with their planting chores. Some isolated communities celebrate fertility of spring, where it is not unusual for the unmarried to lay with each other, and if seed catches, then marriage is culturally granted, despite any conflicting betrothal arrangements. Many a young pair of lovers have escaped the fate of an unwanted union by conceiving upon the equinox. Of course those who may wish assured conception practice the entire month, usually sneaking about clandestinely so as not to get caught.

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