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Ranya Godseye Ward/Student
Ranya is an orphan whose village was devastated by a terrible monster. Showing promise as a rogue, Blue Beak took her under his wing, promising protection and training. She also got the old bird to promise her adventure and exploration, for she desperately wants to see the world. For now, she is relegated to the background, tending the horses and keeping watch. She knows the word ‘flee’ in fifteen different languages.
Homeland: The Hordelands
REP: +0
Sky Blossom Cohort
Sky Blossom is a Pseudodragon and follower of the White Dog a Dragon of awesome power. She has been tasked to protect Otos Fettous and aid him and his party. Sky is well aware of her small, Tiny frame and is not the kind to fly head long into danger. She prefers to stay with Otos, a good longbow’s range away from danger, but some party members prefer to be face to face in the middle of it. When they get in trouble she does her best to get them out of it.
Chodak Henchman
Chodak was rescued by the Wheelbreakers, having been a deceased spirit trapped in a little used and unattended shrine. The party brought him and his friend, Kwok Wen back to life and put the men responsible for their murders to death. Chodak has made a pact to serve the party in any capacity they deem needed, and will risk his life for them. He is growing on in years, and wishes to make the most of his remaining days. Chodak also is protective of Sky Blossom.
Homeland: Monbad
Tengu Peeps Henchmen (3)
Aakoni (blue), Kimaako (red) and Umuuko (yellow) are three Tengu, former bandits of The Thundering Eclipse, who turned from their outlaw ways and joined with The Wheel Breakers. The trio have proven themselves loyal, and under the stern command of Blue Beak, provide a much needed service of night watch and camp guards. Although they are bound by their word in servitude to the party, all three relish the direction their lives have taken them, and have opened up considerable since their capture.
Homeland: Ginsu
First Appearance: Session 152: Defenders of Nesting Swallow

Kwok Wen Henchman, retired
Kwok Wen was also rescued by the Wheelbreakers, having been a deceased spirit trapped in a little used and unattended shrine. The party brought him and his friend, Chodak back to life and put the men responsible for their murders to death. Kwok Wen feels honor-bound to repay the party, and has joined them as a henchman. He is hot-headed and quite sure of himself, his passion for combat has gotten him into no end of trouble. Although he would prefer to be on the front lines, attacking the party’s enemies, Kwok Wen has resigned himself to the duties assigned him (although he is getting more than tired of being considered nothing but a porter and guardsman over the wagon). He’d rather be in the thick of it.

Kwok Wen was killed by a water elemental and his body washed away in an underground river, later recovered. He was brought back to life by the Kami of the Forest of Spirits after Munasukaru was slain.
Homeland: Mung Li

Former Party Members
REP: +2


284,183 / 330,000
Ian Bradwarden

Son of Maeglin, an at-large elder member of the Redhurst Academy of Magic, and Kylie Bradwarden, Ian has followed largely in his father’s footsteps. At a tender age, he began to show a strong aptitude toward arcane mastery, in spite of his half Elven blood.

Upon joining the Academy, he was selected for a special program – of which he quickly learned he was the lone student – requiring him to perform several years training with a band of Rangers with connection to High King Durante Torregrossa. This training came at a price, however, as Ian lost his first of the Maker’s Gifts his second year in. Immediately after, he was recalled to the Academy, and ushered into a more traditional academic path.

Days prior to his Seventh Year at the Academy, Ian was once again called upon, this time by the High King himself. He was instructed to ready himself immediately to join a troubled group of adventurers, and to act as their conscience, as well as to be the eyes and ears for the King amongst this officially disavowed group.

Having felt his life was always in the hands of shadowy political maneuvers, Ian is anxious for this opportunity to explore the world: To discover the mysteries of the arcane, and potentially to find some knowledge of what mysterious Fate has become of his Father. But perhaps this quest is about finding his true Self…

REP: +2


115,854 / 160,000
Iz’Alma’s family traveled as the nomadic gypsies did, earning a living though trading of services, entertainment and horse fairs. Her family was exiled from Portugai for a long forgotten indiscretion.

Although she knew she was different from an early age, like her mother, she didn’t understand why until the death of her father. On his deathbed, he spun a tail of how he joined the family. He had been in a great battle, and her mother had healed him when he was found near death upon the battlefield. He was the only survivor of a great war. He gave up his sword and his old life, believing that it would ensure the safety of all that he loved that was still in this world. Her father spoke to her of what he left behind: A claim to a kingdom and a son. He begged his daughter to find her half brother and help him follow his true path.

Laden with her father’s sword, she went forth complete his request. She found him in Juisse, and set him on his path, but has not heard anything more than murmurs about his fate.

She travels on now with her companions, knowing that it is not the time to join her brother, but that there is something important that yet needs to be completed before that can happen.
REP: +2


168,708 / 235,000
The son of two Explorers, Dorak and his brother and sister grew up in Marak-Dün with three very different career paths. Where his sister was devoted to the Great Church, and his brother was devoted to the arts of the sword, Dorak learned from his grandfather how to be a guide to locations exotic and ancient. While there were usually traps to trigger for the visitors, the sites had been previously disarmed by his kin, and there was no real danger save for falling archways or tourists who gambled too heavily the night before and could not pay for the tour.

As it was time for Dorak’s brother to go forth and show his prowess on a larger stage, Dorak accompanied him to try his own luck using his skills in a real test against real dangers. As he was exposed to greater and greater danger, however, Dorak grew vigilant to the point he is considered paranoid, but the world has yet to prove him wrong when he says that there’s something after him.
Homeland: Marak-Dün
REP: +2
Obedient Sister Duskridden Shadowborn
Dusky is a shy yet devoted Obedient Sister (the Holy Warrior order dedicated to Mormekar). She has a deep passion for people, and will usually be seen smiling. Whenever there is illness or injury, Dusky is the first to jump in to offer aid.

She is important to the mission to break the Cursed Wheel of Kaidan. Recently, Dusky was taken by the curse of the lamp, where she went back in time and fought against the Phthyans, working with the Bellflower Network. She was there for seven years, although only a few weeks passed to the party. In that time, Dusky was slain and lost her first gift, and was in several severe battles thereafter, where she has picked up a few nasty scars, and lost two of the fingers on the hand which grips her shield.
Homeland: Drusas
REP: +2
Neophyte Ignatius, Inceptor of Tinel
The only child of Horatio DeKempo an Inquisitor of the Great Church and and Maria DeSantos, who was rumored to have adventured until she found herself with child, but has never spoken of her earlier life to Ignatius. With his father away on the church’s business, Ignatius was raised primarily by his mother. He found himself very interested in the persuit of knowledge, and at age 15, went to Universidad de Toledo. He found the change of environment to be a lot to handle, and did poorly with his studies the first few years, finding many of the teachings lackluster.

Shortly after his 18th birthday, on the 12th of Maalbring Ignatius had the most vivid of dreams. When he spoke to a few of his classmates about this, after much jest that it was due to the amount of ale he consumed in celebration during the Festival of Magic, his friend Jonas, recommended he speak to Armarius Rafael. In discussing the dream with the Armarius, Ignatius discovered that this was not mearly a dream, but the Vision of the Opening Eye…
REP: +3
Eulummachus, Apostle of Zheenkeef
To call Eul a drunk is like calling a grape, fruit. He is the epitome of the most consummate of drunks. It is his calling and he revels in it. Unfortunately that also means he is incoherent much of the time. His moods swing from cheery and lighthearted to sour and surly. He can be gruff, but is quite likable nonetheless. Serving Zheenkeef as her holy emissary, Eul makes the most of what life gives him. He has little, and needs little. His ever-full jug of wine and his toga seem to suffice, and if he ever finds himself without a room, a bite to eat, or some other tool, he usually acquires them easily in trade for some of Zheenkeef’s finest wine.
Homeland: Io
First Appearance: When Pigs Fly
REP: +1


62,881 / 77,000

An unusual barbarian from the Hordelands who is not a horse lord.

Homeland: The Hordelands

Other Significant Characters
REP: +5
Julius Cleaver
Despite his appearance, this ogre in the Emperor’s Legions is not an oafish idiot. He is a decorated warrior and has proven his loyalty to the Emperor, as well as his prowess on the battlefield, time and again. Julius’ mere presence on the field has on many occasions served to deter an enemy attack, or encourage their surrender. Julius is not evil like his kin, and has adapted well to Phthyan life. His goals in life are to serve the Emperor, and to find a steed that can both bear his weight and not shy away from his ugly exterior. Julius was slain by a band of rebels who despise the Empire.
Homeland: Byrundi
First Appearance: TBA Session 67
Calliope Silversong
Enjoying her full title, Calliope Silversong of Longfellow Downs, Troubador of the Merrowmarches, Calli is a roving entertainer, plying her trade in the Kingdom of Drusas. She is the former lover and partner of Duskridden Shadowborn. The relationship ended poorly, leaving Dusky emotionally scarred.
Homeland: Drusas
First Appearance: TBA Session 71

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Significant NPCs

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