LN Large town

Corruption +2; Crime -2; Economy +3; Law +3; Lore -3; Society -2
Qualities prosperous, strategic location
Danger +5

Government Overlord
Population 2,420 (1,822 Phthian Humans; 466 other humans; 62 halflings, 4 elves, 4 gnomes, 66 other)

Base Value 5,600 gp; Purchase Limit 37,500 gp; Spellcasting 6th
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 1d6

Sirmium is a popular waystop along The Silk Road, and the last outpost before reaching Phthyanopolis when traveling west. It is known for its many inns surrounding an open-air trading square, which is populated with both permanent vendors as well as merchants from all along the Silk Road and beyond. Goods are less heavily taxed here in Sirmium than they are in Phthyanopolis, thus it is a very popular trading center. The citizens are very tolerant of strangers and foreigners, and most any mundane item, no matter how exotic, may be found here. There is also a thriving black market, that operates nearly in the open, thus such items are more available here, and less controlled, than in the capitol metropolis just 11 leagues to the west.

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