Smriti's Journal Entry 5

“You will travel many miles and bring a new understanding to the world”

I woke this morning with the words of Grandmaster Kumar ringing through my head. Ever since my discovery at the Library in Archemaine about my time in the lamp, my dreams have been filled with memories of that fateful meeting that set me on my journey. I am doing my best to make since of my life now, trying to figure out what those words meant… What it is I am supposed to be doing to bring this new understanding, and for that matter, understanding about what, who, WHEN. For now I must simply move on.

Our journey is to take us to the Country of Io and the famed oracle there. I do not fully understand Kumori’s quest but I can feel his passion for it, his and Dusky’s. I can also feel the importance of it’s succeeding, so I will do all that I can to make that happen.

We left Archemaine and Midrealm and moved into the Country of Espagia. The road through Espagia has been pretty easy. The TOWNS on the other hand have held a good bit of adventure for us. The first few towns pass, somewhat uneventfully. In Castillo Grande we meet Charles. He is an expat of the Midrealm and full of some great info on our trip to Granada and on to Alcazar Toledo. We told him of our efforts to see the oracle and he let us know that there were only certain times of year he saw people and that we would need a gift of some sort. He also told us that The Explorer Society in Alcazar Toledo has some arrows of Apollo and that they would be a great gift. So our mission in Alcazar Toledo is to obtain one of Apollo’s arrows, but we had to get there first.

On the road to Granada we run into a patrol of knights…reluctantly they let us pass. We get to Granada in the evening and find a NICE place to stay the night. Oddly we meet a man that is Native to Cotil’s land. Thought, unlike Cotil, this man is glad to rid of the jungle (I personally agree, but keep my mouth shut) Especially as he seemed to upset Cotil a bit. We got back on the road and next make our way to Cencillio. It was a fairly decent size town and every single one of its residents seemed to be rioting on the steps of the temple. It takes a good bit of time and some smart negotiation by Dusky to get us through but we manage to get back on the road.

Our next adventure is with a bunch of moon-shining gnomes. They apparently had run afoul a group of goblins. Dorak heard a chance to kill goblins and jumped. We find the goblins and get the gnomes’ drink back and head back to camp for the night. Dorak at some point went back to finish off the rest of the goblin pack.

Finally we made it to Alcazar Toledo. Oddly enough, we find the swords that we had recovered from the dig site back in that god-awful jungle. Guess the rat Zomos found justice, either by his hands or the society’s, we have no way of knowing, and I am inclined to leave it alone. Kumori meet’s with the Society folks and tells them of his quest and of our need of an arrow. They tell him that we must wait a few days for them to meet with the full council, meanwhile we have a few days to enjoy a grand festival in town. On the day of our meeting kumori again takes the lead, he looks quite impressive in his full garb and I am fully struck by his nobility. The meeting was a lot of pomp and circumstance that ended in 3 demands before we can have the arrow. 2 of the 3 are easy: Dorak must join the society (which is something that he would have done anyway) He must report progress along the way and lastly we need to obtain a painting (steal) from an Aspis warehouse in the area. We agree, reluctantly, and go to the job. As usual it does not go quite as plan and we barely make it out, under the nose of the law ( I was actually THANKFUL for the lamp as it saved us that night). But we do manage to get the painting and in turn get the arrow.

On the road again. There are number of other towns and each with its own set of problems we had to face, but I will not detail each of those as not all are happy memories (though getting to see Dorak bald and beardless was something of a treat). The only one I will mention, because it took so much from the party is Grande Rio.
We found ourselves in the middle of some political intrigue. It involved murder, goblins, thievery, sorcery, and so much more. We find ourselves thrust into trying to help this town. When all was said and done, we were all weakened, Dorak had lost a gift and we were kicked out of town…all for trying to help. My only hope is that justice does get served in that town.

On the road again…
a day or so into the journey to Villa Vicosa the bottom falls out of the sky. It had been gray blustery looking for a while then the heavens opened up. We did manage to find cover on high ground in a tunnel. Nothing like camping on a rock in the rain…I may never be dry again. I am thankful at least for my campfire bead, no need to search for wood. Once we get to town we find meager inn. The town is a ghost town, apparently was once a mining town that went bust. During the night we have to deal with horse thieves. They manage to get away with one of our steads. Kumori and Iz were in the lamp at this point, leaving Dorak and Me as the “heavies” which means we have to get lucky, really to win a fight. The next morning we meet with the old mayor of the town. He pleads for our help with goblin raiders, we rather reluctantly agree. At least we think that this is a “simple” goblin problem. So Dorak, Cotil, Dusky and I head out. Thankfully we had Dorak to find a number of traps set for intruders. We come upon a tall tower that is home to the goblins. We manage to come up with a plan to attack the structure without having to climb it. The battle was a fierce one, and would have been a deadly one were it not for the timely arrival of Kumori and Iz out of the lamp. After the crux of the battle we decide to scale the tower…I can’t quite remember why. Though, to be honest I can’t remember much. A 70ft fall has a way of fogging one’s memory. From what I was told, I came very near death, but thanks to my friends I was able to survive. This VERY close brush with death did bring a question from Dusky. She has abilities to save me from death…should I want it. I must do some prayer and mediation on this….

I believe that catches me up….
Given none of the people that would have read these is still alive I am not sure why I am bothering to write them… but something compels to keep going, something gives me hope that all is not lost.

Smriti’s Journal

Smriti's Journal Entry 5

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