Smriti's Journal Entry 6

We are finally out of Villa Vicosa and all healed up from our adventure with the goblins and bugbears there. We did manage to recover some of the town’s lost treasure, and get a fairly handsome reward for ourselves. Chiefly, at least for me, a long spear.

I was reluctant to put my Vajra in my pack as, having them in my hands most of the time has been like a connection to the life I have lost. I still remember when I was first presented with them. The many hours of training and mediation. I remember finally mastering the art of meditating with them… I still remember that 1st moment of clarity that told me I had plugged into their power.

I remember, too, not long after that the fighter training began. It was a very proud moment for me as I being chosen for the training meant I was destined for more than life at the monastery (if I knew then, what I do now, I am not completely sure I would have accepted the honor). I remember my first clumsy movements, the amount of times I spun around and fell on my ass while trying to learn the kicks and leaps of our fighting style. I remember how awkward it felt to be fighting with these holy items. But ever so slowly I got the hang of them, and eventually they became like an extension of my hands. In my travels they have saved my life more than once

So I was hesitant at first to put them away for the spear. But thanks to some extra practice sessions I am getting better, and learning that though I am not fighting with my Vajra, the focus they provide me is still there. I am actually rediscovering their powers of focus. I take them out every night before I lay down. My prayers and meditations are more focused than ever. And while I am removed in time from my sisters at the monastery I feel very close to them when I pray.

It is time for another practice session, this time Kumori will be my opponent. I have to admit that I do have a certain amount of fear, facing those deadly blades of his, but I am comforted by the fact that even if he does fell me (which has happened on many occasion during these bouts) that Dusky is there to heal me right up. I hope that I am able to hide and use my fear AND to show Kumori that I HAVE been listening to his advise :)

Smriti’s Journal

Smriti's Journal Entry 6

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