Smriti's Journal Entry 7

The road since Villa Vicosa has kept us BUSY. On the 2nd day we encountered some Gnolls who had a pack of hyenas with them. They were lead by the largest of the team who had an evil looking ceramic mask. His eyes glowed red through it. Thanks to some fancy sword-work by Kumori and my ability to fend off arrows we made fairly easy work of the pack. We all investigated the mask, it has some sort of pull to us all… nothing I can quite put words to, something like hunger, but different; something like anger, but different; something like…

Anyway, it was decided that I should keep the mask in my pack. We were afraid of putting it in the magical pack with that evil knife, not wanting to put too much magic in one place. That evening we bed down around our fire in the usual way. During the last watch we were attacked by transparent scorpions…scary looking things that seemed to be unnaturally drawn to us. It was a bloody fight and we lost a horse but we were victorious. The next day we realized that this mask is drawing all sorts of animals to us. At some point during the day we got attacked by these vile creatures that seemed to be made of little more than dust, but turns out they had an ability to feed off of their victims. We were all hit for some damage, though they seemed to especially like the taste of Dorak (though they liked our horses even more and we lost our cart pulling pony). That is 2 horses down, I hope we get to Alhambra soon, or I fear it is more than horses we will loose.

We have managed to survive this fight, but BARELY. I hope and pray that Cotil and Iz (and her restoration spells) re-emerge from the lamp soon. With a diminished party (in more ways than one) I fear we might never make it out of this desert. For now though, Dusky has patched us up best she could and I have lit many fires to hopefully ward off the creatures that this mask draws to us…

Smriti’s Journal

Smriti's Journal Entry 7

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