Sophia's Daughters

Ostensibly, Sophia’s Daughters exists to bring equal rights to the Free Kingdom’s “fairer sex.” In practice, however, they are far more than that – a veiled political machine maneuvering important men in directions they could never hope to perceive. Using boarding and finishing schools, they train young women in matters covert and clandestine, then place them near men in powerful positions – to point them in the “proper” direction. Through their actions, they have slowly gained strength. Eventually, they hope to move in public rather than in secret, taking their agenda to the streets of the Free Kingdoms.

When not engaging in such activities, they make efforts to keep women safe from abusive fathers and husbands. They also help lower class women to better themselves through earnest work and diligence. The merchant guilds (especially the Jenny’s Guild) have been particularly useful in this matter, as have Eastern Kingdom courtesans, who form the Daughter’s largest bloc.

The Daughters have used magical as well as political means to further their goals. Charms serve to beguile the weak-willed, while other magic allows them to pass secret orders. An abnormally high number of the Daughters are sorcerers; it is even rumored that they have consulted dark beings to extend their members’ lives. The Daughter’s leadership hotly denies such rumors, of course.

Each member of the society is required to keep a detailed journal, sending copies to Daughter-controlled nunneries where they are organized into a great library. Hundreds of Daughters compile and catalogue these journals, which comprise one of the most accurate recordings of history in the world. The Rilasciare makes use of the records from time to time in exchange for other secrets.




Sophia's Daughters

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