Spontaneous Healing Orisons


A good cleric (or a neutral cleric of a good deity) can channel stored spell energy into healing spells that she did not prepare ahead of time. The cleric can “lose” any prepared spell that is not an orison or domain spell in order to cast any cure spell of the same spell level or lower (a cure spell is any spell with “cure” in its name).

With this optional rule, good clerics, or neutral ones who can spontaneously cast cure spells, may choose to “LOSE” one prepared orison spell (they may not use that orison again until they have recharged their spells), casting the spell as if it were a very minor curing spell (see cure light wounds for spell specifics). The use of this option only cures one hit point of damage, with a successful touch. A cleric may exhaust as many as all of their prepared orison spells prepared in this way.

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Spontaneous Healing Orisons

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