Summon Monster Variants

Individual Summon Monster Lists variant will be used in the campaign. When the caster first gains access to a summon spell, she chooses one monster from that list. This chosen monster is the only monster she can summon with that spell.
She can add monsters to her list(s) under three conditions:

  • First, add one monster whenever access to a new spell level is gained. So when a character gets second level spells, she can add a monster to her list (as well as getting a new monster if she chooses the next level spell).
  • Second, she can add a monster to her list(s) whenever a new spellcasting level is gained. She must choose which level spell to add the monster to.
  • Finally, whenever she sees another caster summon a creature, she can attempt a spellcraft check. The DC is 15 + the spell level witnessed. If successful, she can learn how to summon the new monster.
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Summon Monster Variants

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