Summoning Individual Monsters

Summon monster spells call forth the same, named creature each time it is summoned. Such creatures retain their knowledge and if able to communicate, will do so if commanded. Also, these creatures remember how they have been treated, no matter how they are commanded to act, and if there is a chance that an verbal order could be misconstrued, an offended creature may maliciously do so.

Whenever a summoned creature is killed, that particular individual is banished to its home plane and is not available to be summoned again for 24 hours. One may summon another creature from the character’s Summoned Monster List, or if they wish to summon the same type of creature, the caster must make a Spellcraft check with a DC of 15 + the level of the summon spell. If successful, the old (banished) creature is replaced with the new individual from that moment onward and may not be summoned again unless the caster wishes to recall it, at which point she must succeed a DC 20 + the level of the summon spell, Spellcraft check.

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Summoning Individual Monsters

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