Symbol Name Titles Favored Weapon Cleric Domains Holy Warrior Domains
Symbol terak2 Terak, God of War and Valor [LN or LG] Valiant, Bold, the Mighty, King of Heaven, Marshal of the Gods. Battleaxe (Good), Law, Protection, War and Strength Body, Leadership and Might

Terak: The god of war and the body, Terak has always opposed his brother, Tinel. Terak believes the greatest force in the world is the unification of people into nations and armies; as long as the many band together against those who would harm them, much good is possible. He is married to Morwyn and is the father of Korak and Anwyn. Terak’s heart is divided – he is both lawful good, in that he desires to see the strong protect the weak, and he is lawful neutral, in that he desires to see mortals unite their strength first and foremost.

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