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Crimson Skies – The Wheel Breaker Saga – TRAILER

Welcome to the exciting world of CRIMSON SKIES, a role-playing game set in a world full of long established traditions, heroic adventure, exploration of lost civilizations, with mysterious ancient arcana, forgotten knowledge, powerful organizations, strong political influences, tyrannical overlords, mystics, oracles and seers, hidden cults, and strange exotic places.

The focus of the campaign will be on role-playing, character development, exploration and intrigue. Although combat is an essential part of any game, not all problems of this world can be solved at sword’s point. Pathfinder Core Rulebook, along with house rules and campaign specific features will be used. This is a custom campaign world.

The following information is from a campaign document, player handout PDF that is sent to all players, and gives a brief overview about the game. Thanks for your interest.


Welcome to the exciting world of CRIMSON SKIES, a role-playing game set in a world of heroic adventure, exploration of lost civilizations, a world full of long established traditions, mysterious ancient arcana, forgotten knowledge, powerful organizations, strong political influences, tyrannical overlords, mystics, oracles and seers, hidden cults, exotic lands and lost civilizations.
This is a Pathfinder, 3.5 OGL Compatible, campaign. The game world geography is of my own design, and will grow and become detailed as play ensues. Set in an Age of Exploration, an exciting era where men, elves and other fantastic races vie for power in their home realms and pursue dominance over distant lands, heroes carve their place in the world and in history itself by their strength, ingenuity, tenacity and courage.
There are many new lands and cultures for the characters to explore. There are the races of tradition, as well as many new exotic races to encounter. The campaign begins within the boundaries of the Free Kingdoms, civilized and traditionalized kingdoms, and the adventurers may indeed set a course for the hundreds of exotic and intriguing (and yet undiscovered) lands in the known world. During their explorations and adventures, the characters may encounter new races, classes previously unheard of, extraordinary feats and abilities, magics that defy tradition, potent deity-driven cults, and even mind-bending new planes of existence.
The primary rulebook that will be used for this campaign is the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. All player characters will be constructed using those rules. Additionally, many house rules, or additions to the core rules will appear in the [PDF]. Not everything, however, that appears here (or that might be encountered during adventuring) is available for play, and any mention of a race, class, feat or ability in this document does not indicate or infer that a player character may acquire said abilities. The world is a huge, mysterious place and not everything is known. Anything outside the normal core rules that is available for player characters will be detailed in listed in Chapter 1: CHARACTER CREATION or within the other chapters of this document [the PDF].
NOTE: This campaign is designed around the flavor and character of an Age of Exploration game. Though the Pathfinder Rulebook is used for the majority of play, certain cultures and adversaries do not follow typical or standard rules. Different magic systems may be used for such characters, most of which will be taken from 3.5 OGL sources. Please do not ever assume that all characters adhere to the standard rules. Hopefully this will stave off future confusion and arguments. In all cases, the DM has the final say. I am a fair DM, and I want all of us to enjoy the game. That is my goal.
Additional material is taken from several 3.5 OGL sources, adapted for the Pathfinder Rules. The majority of that material will be provided here (in the PDF), adjusted for the campaign. The following books will be used either in part or in their entirety. There is no requirement to purchase these books. The religion of the Free Kingdoms is based on the gods from Green Ronin’s The Book of the Righteous. Ritual magic and the concept of The Maker’s Gifts and the Recharge rules are from Living Imagination’s Twin Crowns campaign setting. New character classes from several sources, including Paizo’s Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide will be available, and are fully detailed in this document. Again, it is not necessary to purchase these books, as all pertinent information is contained in this document (the PDF).
I have included everything I can think of for you to create your character using this book, except for choosing spells and equipment. But all the race and class information have been added to this document, from the various sources. This document is not for sale, and the intention is for personal use only, and ease of play. I encourage the players to purchase the Pathfinder Core Rules, but it is not a requirement to play in the campaign. The PDF version is available for $9.99. My intent is not to violate any copyright laws or infringe on any author’s due. All sourcebooks used are available at Paizo.com or other online stores, and most are available in electronic media. Likewise, any images found in this document (or this website) are used solely to enrich the experience and not intended to be used for any purpose other than for personal use.

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