The Crimson Poulterers

Crimson_Poulterers.pngThe Crimson Poulterers are a world-spanning, loosely meshed guild of criminals. There are many various clans, clubs, chapters, and gangs who comprise the Poulterers. Regional traditions hold over national loyalties. Large cities may have many rival gangs of criminals who vie for power against each other and against other organizations such as the World Trade Consortium and the Aspis Consortium. As a whole, the Poulterers are not as large a threat to society because they are not well organized, however individual chapters in select regions or cities may prove quite powerful.

The origin of the name Crimson Poulterers is unknown, however there are many rumors and old wives’ tales describing the meaning of the name and their logo, a headless red chicken or rooster. Some believe that the bird represents game fowl in general, an the pun to “run afoul” of the law, is the reason for their symbol. Others believe it is named for the chicken heads left at the scene of crimes, or as warnings for extortion or as threats of murder. Crimson, some say, is the blood of those who stand in the way of the organization. Some, of course, simply believe the chicken to represent the cowardice of the lawless lowlife members of the organization.

The Crimson Poulterers usually form cells, or gangs, who name themselves after animals. Such gangs include: The Sharks, The Tigers, The Black Cats, The Ravenous Dogs, Grey Wolves, Red Roosters, Flying Eagles, and the like. Such gangs sometimes work in tandem, or as easily may be rivals within a geographical area. Some may be presumptuous wannabes, and some may hold legitimate power over their domain.

The logo of the beheaded chicken is rarely used, but widely known. Oft times, such as in individual guild halls, the heraldry depicts a chicken holding its head in the rampant talon, with the guild animal’s head atop the chicken’s body.




The Crimson Poulterers

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