The Explorer's Society

Explorer s badgeThe Explorers society has existed for more than 500 years, and can trace its beginnings to before the War of the Standard, in one form or another. During this time, the Explorers have gone from a small band of adventuring friends to a phenomenon that has taken the Free Kingdoms by storm. Explorers are the darlings of high society, novels about their adventures abound, patrons flock to their banner, and children form noble and peasant homes alike dream of hight adventure in the name of knowledge. Explorers appreciate and foster this support, for without it the Society’s very existence would hand by a thread.

Current members include a courageous alliance of archaeologists, scholars, treasure hunters, explorers, tomb raiders, historians and vagabonds, and they roam the farthest reaches of the world seeking lost relics of world-shattering power and answers to riddles older than the gods. These heroes brave vine-choked jungle ruins, ascend snow-capped peaks, and comb sun-seared desert sands in search of buried tombs and monuments of bygone ages.

Society members send records of their exploits to their venture-captain superiors, who in turn review them for accuracy before forwarding the manuscripts to the leaders of the Explorer’s Society.

Veritas, Scientia, and Libertas

One important distinction must be noted regarding the Explorer’s Society, however. For unlike many of the Society’s rivals and adversaries, the Explorer’s Society upholds the traditions of Truth (Veritas), Knowledge (Scientia), and Freedom (Libertas). The three ideals are the benchmark and tenets of the Society, and all members are oath-sworn to uphold these ideals.

Private Agenda

The Explorers strive to make their agenda and efforts as open and honest as possible. Unfortunately, too many forces lurking in the shadows permit full disclosure of their activities or what they have learned. Today, the Society holds many secrets that they keep for their own protection and in some cases the protection of innocent people.
What sets them apart from other secret societies is that they are honest about their privacy. “we keep the secrets at the command of monarchs,” they freely admit, “and for the sake of our quest.” Surprisingly, most of the Free Kingdoms accept this. Those who want to learn more, and are motivated by noble purposes, usually take the logical step of joining the Explorers. Those who find the Explorers’ explanation dubious are often recruited by other societies.

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Ranks within the Society

Society Branches

  • Researchers
  • Field Scholars
  • Investigators

Sub Branches





The Explorer's Society

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