The faith of Boddoism

Boddoism is the youngest of Kushar’s religious philosophies. Founded by the renegade priestess Sujahna, commonly known as the Boddo (“the awakened one”), this faith has become quite influential in recent years. Boddoists accept the existence of the principles as described by the Matyanas, but they ignore the gold those texts set out for humanoids. They reject the view that one must pass through a long series of lives to reach the point of transcendence. By strengthening the will and purifying the soul via enlightened study and meditation, Boddoists believe they any individual cam reach transcendence in a single lifetime, or at worst substantially reduce the time needed for future lives.

Boddoism also rejects the cast system that forms the foundation of the Kushari society. Its adherents believe that all individuals with sufficient strength of purpose can and should study its ways, not merely those fortunate enough to be borne into one of the higher castes.

Boddoists view the gods as mother more than beings farther along the path to enlightenment than humanoids. Respecting, admiring, and even emulating such beings is perfectly acceptable, but they are not worthy of worship. Some of the more radical Boddoist sects actively oppose the gods, believing that their creation of the caste system specifically to train soldier for their wars demonstrates that they have no moral authority to dictate mortal behavior. While most Boddoists are not quite so radical, most agree that the goal of transcendence should be to find one’s own path, not simply to obey more powerful beings.

Boddoism is a highly fractured religion because each guru teaches a slightly different version of the philosophy. Nevertheless, some fundamentals remain universal among its adherents. All Boddoist sects teach that self-discipline and self-control are the keys to self-understanding and eventual transcendence.

Good Boddoists focus first and foremost on internal understanding and discipline. They spend their entire lies identifying their own limitations and then attempting to transcend them. These limitations are not the physical ones of the body, but rather those of the mind and soul.

The fate of the soul is in the hand of the individual, not the gods. A fully awakened soul can choose to participate in war, or practice peace, or not, as it desires.

Known Rituals

Yatra Asirvada

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The faith of Boddoism

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