Symbol Name Titles Favored Weapon Cleric Domains Holy Warrior Domains
Symbol greatchurch The Great Church [LG] The Lords of Heaven, Lords of Good, Gods of the Tree, Holy Ones. Club Any two except the Evil and Chaos domains Champion and Guardian (or any two)

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Holy Symbol Great church badge

The Holy symbol of the great church is the Tree, bearing the five fruits. The clerics of the Great Church traditionally wear white, with hooded cowls. The symbol of the tree is worn stitched upon the cowl or breast of the vestments. The Tree is trimmed in silver, for Clerics, or gold for Deans. Bishops wear a large silver pendant of the Tree and Fruits. Archbishops wear golden pendants and special hats. Supreme Matriarch/Patriarchs wear diamond-studded pendants, similar to the Deaconry, and also wear golden stoles with the symbols of the Tree and Fruit upon each breast.

Preferred Weapon

The preferred weapon of the Church is a heavy or light club, the more tree-like the better. Particularly powerful or important clerics have massive maces made to look like trees, with green heads and studs that look like golden fruit. Most clerics of the Church, while not in armor, carry a simple polished club, embellished with carvings or inlay of doctrine phrases or holy prayers. Often these are engraved with the Great Tree. They carry these simple clubs at all times, even when attending services, unless a more ceremonial weapon is called for.

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