The O’Bannon

O bannonThe O’Bannon is the Faerie King. All of the peoples of Cymbryll know the legends. The O’Bannon is old and wise and hot-tempered and is completely insane. Most of the time he is gone, either traveling the material world or exploring the realm of Faerie. It is never known when he will return. It may be generations, it may be mere days. When he returns, he may or may not recall his last visit.

The O’Bannon, in legend, is immortal. Although technically he does not have free will (trading will for immortality), being that he is the Faerie King, he seems to be the most willful of all the Fey. It is told that he determined the laws for the folk, specifically all of Cymbryll. All are to follow the O’Bannon’s laws, for they are the gods’ natural laws. It is said the O’Bannon is a representation of the gods, specifically the voice of Eliwyn, the tree of life. It is these laws that each High King avows to, and it is said that no High King rules without the O’Bannon’s blessing. [A potential High King must kiss the Fål Stone or “Old Molly.” If it kissed by a “true king,” of the Cymbric, the stone sings a haunting (and some say prophetic) melody. This represents the O’Bannon’s blessing. Woe to those who kiss Old Molly and are not worthy.]

High on the cliffside of Carnavon sits the stone throne. This throne is near the Fål Stone, and sits before the only temple to Eliwyn built within a city. This is where the O’Bannon holds his court, escorted by his guard, known as the Scáthach. The O’Bannon’s rulings are honored as higher than the High King’s own decrees, and it is a very rare circumstance that a high king has repealed any verdicts commanded by the O’Bannon. Tales speak of the tragic and sorrowful deaths of any who contradict the O’Bannon’s declarations, and those same tales name the Scáthach as responsible for the punishment.


The O’Bannon

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