The Order of the Inquisition

Inquisition.pngThe Inquisition is a secretive order within the Church, created by Supreme Patriarch Fredalonzo XIV, following his rise to power. He charged it with seeking out and destroying demonry, and evil sorcery in whatever form it took. Inquisitors are answerable only to the Supreme Patriarch and have vast authority over Church procedure. Clerics of The Great Church are expected to assist them in any way they can. Thanks to their efforts, much sorcery (not just evil or demonic cults) in the civilized world remains underground.

Luckily, they have been kept in check by the Supreme Patriarch. Each successive leader kept a close eye on the Inquisition, limiting its membership and ensuring that its power never grew beyond control. Overly ambitious Inquisitors would be quietly removed from their positions, which kept the order focused on its duties instead of seeking to control the Church.

With the ever expanding influence of the Great Church, so too expands the Order of the Inquisition. Many of the Colonies in the Crimson Seas and lands of the Southern Continent are being persecuted by zealous Inquisitors. Many native peoples are being repressed, their beliefs challenged by the Inquisition, and in many cases, their spiritual leaders tortured and killed as heathen cultists, all in the name of the Lords of Heaven.

The motto on the shield of the Order of the Inquisitors reads: Arise, oh Lords and judge. Dissipate the enemies of the faith.




The Order of the Inquisition

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