The Sting

Dear Grandpa,

We’ve been used! The constable is mysteriously back from the dead, and he’s the new candidate likely to take up the position of Mayor – a reward for a noble sacrifice, if that’s what in fact it was.

Let me back up.

A group of thugs attacked us at the boats, after having damaged/destroyed the boats.

Iz’Alma was sucked into the lamp, so it was up to an already somewhat depleted Dusky and the rather fragile Coatl to keep everyone in health, which was challenging.

It was actually a minute or more for me to take any damage, but that was little solace to Kumori, who was heavily attacked by the thugs and blasted from afar by ‘El Toro Negro.’

I think Coatl also got caught in the first line of lightning… I know there was a path that was tree free from Kumori out, at least.

Dusky appears to have forgiven me – or, at least, be aware of my usefulness. That’s good. She’s no Calen, she’s better in some ways than Qasim, but it’s been difficult to partner up with Smriti and Kumori at times, so having a versatile healer help bring down our foes is most welcome.

Unfortunately, Inkie’s death has her shaken and sad. I don’t know what I can do to ease her pain other than avenge him (done) and try to protect her as I protect all my allies, even the less useful ones.

Well, the good news, as it were, is that we managed to stop the group from killing us. Unfortunately, we fell into their trap of having a barrage of arrows from across the bank.

That left a badly wounded Smriti and a badly wounded Coatl and a badly wounded Kumori mostly at the mercy of the spells of El Toro Negro. I deftly dodged them and brought low the bull with their help, but it was a close thing. Dusky was running around, grabbing potion bottles from pouches and having everyone drink to their health – literally.

Unfortunately, enough arrows hit me from afar that even I needed aid, and so I don’t know all that happened, but we sought cover, and then the barrage ended.

Coatl recalled the same spell he used earlier against the goblins to great effect but it was cancelled by our enemies – still, to have the ability to cancel Coatl’s spell suggested a decently powerful caster on the far shore.

We interrogated a prisoner and found out precious little. We let him go out of mercy – may the perils of the wild take a gift or at least keep him an honest man in the future.

The townsfolk were not much help – it could still be Mauricio who is the culprit, he’s complicit, or he’s just a prick.

Ultimately, we expected to interrogate El Toro Negro, but he was stabbed – much like the mayor – and did not come back after the Ceremony of Life.

Apparently, Pablo – an assassin whom our foes have on retainer – can deliver a ‘true death’ and the stabbing is part of that.

I don’t know what the future holds for me and my companions, but I am not inclined to try to ferret out the Skunk, who is the mastermind (or, at least, the chief henchman) in the scheme.

It’s not like we can have a town sorcery competition and trust his pride to reveal himself.

- Dorak

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The Sting

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