Triads of the Sisters

Though they are radically different in sentiment, the Three Sisters are most often worshipped in a joint temple, called a triad: one structure that houses the ceremonies and worshippers of the three faiths. Sometimes there are small shrines or chapels dedicated to one sister, but if you find a large temple with a dedicated altar to one goddess, it is almost inconceivable that there will not be altars to the other two on the premises. The clergy and holy warriors of the Three Sisters are wanderers or are tied to duties away with from the triad, leading to a peculiar power structure for the three faiths. Each triad is led by a cleric of one of the Sisters who, while overseeing a triad, becomes a cleric of all three goddesses.

This close relationship between the clergy is an echo of the relationship of the goddesses themselves, who awoke together by the banks of a great river and have been fast companions and loving siblings ever since. While they squabble, as all the gods do, they aid one another in the matters of the sphere. The legends of the Sisters’ awakening and their eastward journey across the world from their birthplace is at the heart of the triad philosophy, and is the spiritual mystery that inspires the triad’s shared holy order: the Unity.

The three sisters are Naryne the Dark Sister, Canelle the Red Sister, and Thellyne the Golden Sister.

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Triads of the Sisters

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